Newt Was Right: Megyn Kelly and Sexual Schizophrenia


Remember the picture? The one with Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America,” as a legendary CBS anchor bare-chested and in a Speedo bathing suit, posing as his, um, bulge bulged just underneath his portly bare belly? Surely you didn’t miss NBC and later ABC anchor David Brinkley shirtless in cut-off jeans? Or Barbara Walters […]

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Harry Reid and the Gang: In Like Flint


Lost amid the buzz surrounding the rapidly-approaching 2016 electoral cycle was the last-minute deal in Congress to avoid a government shutdown — and one of the most dishonorable, corrupt, rancid, and strategically brilliant gambits in modern American political history pulled off by Harry Reid — at the end of September: The stopgap spending bill, which […]

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Is Megyn Must-See TV?


For years, in the early to late ’90s, NBC ruled Thursday nights with a monstrous three-show lineup known as “must-see” TV. It was Friends, followed by garbage, then Seinfeld, followed by garbage, then of course ER followed by, well, I’ll let you decide what the 11 o’clock news was. You could have put mimes playing […]

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Here’s a Money-Saving Idea for St. Louis


Francis Slay, the mayor of St. Louis, wants to spend more money (another $2.2 billion) on a very expensive toy — adding 17 miles of track at taxpayer expense to the 46 already assembled in the MetroLink light-rail system. He calls it “a moral and economic imperative” for our city and region. That’s crazy talk. […]

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Triggered by a Catholic Voter Guide


Mr. Thomas Farragher of the Boston Globe recently coughed up a hairball that explains why “ministers of hospitality” at my Catholic parish make sure the rest of us cannot find church bulletins before Mass on Sundays. Farragher admitted to his habit of picking up the weekly bulletin on the way into rather than out of […]

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WikiLeaks Shines Light on Forked-Tongue Democrats


WikiLeaks revealed that the Democratic Party operatives that we watch as animatrons on TV become real people once they think no one watches. They want to suppress the leaked emails why, exactly? People who we thought from their cable-news performances viewed William Jefferson Clinton as a Jefferson Smith, dismissed transmitting classified documents on a private […]

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One Life, One Vote


We all get one vote. Not just in elections but in life. How we act, how we treat others, what television programs we watch, who and what we find attractive, what music we listen to, do we buy the more expensive piece of meat, what airline we fly, and what seat we want to sit […]

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How Did This Happen?


I was hanging out with some friends this past weekend. We were talking about the election, and one of them asked, “How did this happen?” He couldn’t understand how the Democrats came so close to picking socialist Bernie Sanders and why the Republican nominated Donald Trump. He didn’t seem satisfied with the answer that Trump […]

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A Modest Pyramid Scheme


Thanks to a firestorm of prissy hypocrisy about Donald Trump’s naughty talk, stoked up by stories from women who suddenly recall rebuffing him decades ago, issues like national security, Obamacare, and the economy are being ignored. This isn’t accidental. Hillary Clinton has a terrible record. There’s her illegal home server and her 30,000 purged emails. […]

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Election Time in a One-Party State


Sacramento After George W. Bush was declared winner of the 2000 presidential election, I headed from our newspaper offices to the Orange County Republican Party election event, where I expected an easy night of jotting down crowd reactions. I was thrilled Al Gore had been vanquished, but my happiness turned to angst as this early […]

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