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Speaker Ryan’s Opportunity to Reflect the Will of the People

By 10.29.15

It’s good to see Republicans in Washington just might be finally wising up to what grassroots Americans have been shouting from the heartland for years: our nation is off its Constitutional mooring, adrift in a land of corrupt bureaucracies and power-hungry politicians seeking more power instead of solutions to our nation’s greatest problems.

Now, Rep. Paul Ryan has the opportunity to stop our rudderless drift. He has the ability to become a hero for conservative values on Capitol Hill — something the grassroots have not seen in far too long.

He’s off to a great start but it’s first very worthwhile to take a quick look at how we got here and what grassroots constitutional conservatives truly seek.

For all the handwringing and apocalyptic headlines about chaos on Capitol Hill from liberals and the mainstream press (I repeat myself), look at what result we have. Thanks to true conservatives, Speaker Boehner is going to retire, Kevin McCarthy dropped out of contention, and we now have one of the smartest and best communicators of conservative principles ready to be the spokesperson for the people’s majority in the people’s chamber.

The Hillary Watch

Nothing to Fear But Deaf Ear Itself

By 10.29.15

Well, we know that Justice is blind, refusing to indict Lois Lerner, but the Hillary Clinton testimony teaches us that the Americans With Disabilities Act applies to other cabinet machers as well. It turns out that State is deaf.

In the post “hock” coverage of her going before the Benghazi committee, the prevailing temper — the prompted “hock” — is the extended yawn. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Madame Secretary made up the You Tube video story and yeah, yeah, yeah, she should not have delegated all the security issues, but there is no new news, or even “Nu?” News, so mistakes were made, but it does not rise to the level of impeachment of her character or leadership.

Campaign Crawlers

Bye, Jeb

By 10.29.15

So you’ll know, Ted Cruz won the debate Wednesday night, and Marco Rubio came in second. More on that in a little while.

There are many variables surrounding the debate participants and whether their performance will have a major effect on the state of the still-crowded GOP race, but one thing appears immutably clear — and that is the growing inevitability of Jeb Bush’s demise as a major presidential candidate.

The fact is, Jeb just doesn’t have it.

It’s not that he can’t present policy solutions; he can. Jeb Bush has put out some very good — and very conservative — policy. What he can’t do, unfortunately, is articulate them with force and verve.

Buy the Book

Professor Sowell Sorts Just About Everything

By 10.28.15

Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective
By Thomas Sowell
(Basic Books, 328 pages, $27.99)

Thomas Sowell may well be the most rational man in an irrational world. It takes someone very rational to demonstrate clearly how little rationality plays in the economic, political, social, and personal lives of homo sapiens sapiens.

Sowell’s latest book, latest of 52 by my count, contains the kind of acute analysis and fearless commentary his readers have relied on since 1971’s Economics: Analysis and Issues. For those looking for truth rather than for political advantage or platitudes to make one feel better about oneself, Sowell is the go-to guy. If, to coin a phrase, “You can’t handle the truth!” it would be best to move on to another writer.

Sports Arena

Strippers and Sports

By 10.28.15

The college basketball world was afire last week with all the elements needed for a juicy story: strippers, one of the countries’ most fabled college basketball programs, cash from an unknown source, top college athletes, and did I mention strippers?

Allegedly, Andre McGee, a former player and later director of basketball operations at the University of Louisville, paid for strippers and sex at parties in the dorms from 2010-2014 that involved players and recruits of the basketball team. This has led to a buzz of publicity of the kind you don’t want. What did legendary head coach Rick Pitino know and when did he know it? Where did the $10,000 of supposed payments come from? What, if any, NCAA violations were broken in the process?

It may take years, if ever, for the truth and nothing but the truth to finally reveal itself. Although I’m sure we’ll be treated to bits and pieces of the story in the interim from sources such as an NCAA investigation, tell-all books, and appearances on daytime talk shows suited for tawdriness. While the drama plays itself out, one bit of conjecture gave me that woozy what-in-the-name-of-George-Orwell-is-going-on headache.

Political Hay

Boehner’s Backroom Budget

By 10.28.15

Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) . wanted to know how presumptive Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) . “feels about the process” used to negotiate the budget deal reached late Monday by current Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) ., Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) ., House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)., and the White House.

Putting aside for a moment the details of the deal, the process — secretive back-room negotiating with approximately zero input from nearly 300 other Republican members of the House and Senate — seems to be everything Ryan railed against when courting House conservatives’ support for his speakership.

Special Report

Alien Zombies, Ausonius, and the Excellent Sheep

By 10.28.15

On a crisp autumn afternoon two boys are playing near the Central Park reservoir in Manhattan. They are on the lookout for alien zombies, texting reports to one other from their smartphones.

Our boys live in a world of environmental stress, exploding populations, broken borders, and shattered cities. Families, religions, and schools are buckling around them. For many of their elders, patriotism has fallen into disrepute. Although they don’t quite know it, centuries of scripture, law, and literature are fading authorities of worldly wisdom and salvation.

Their textbooks and teachers, fetishizing multiculturalism, tell them to ignore or renounce the inherited past. The Disney corporation defines their idea of virtue, and Howard Zinn writes their nation’s history.

A Further Perspective

The Pope’s Caricaturing of Conservatives

By 10.28.15

The scandalous synod on the family skidded to a stop last weekend in Rome but not before Pope Francis got in a few more licks at conservatives, whom he caricatured in his final remarks as heartless.

The speech was notable for its nastiness, displaying the very lack of charity he routinely assigns to conservatives. The synod, he said, had exposed “closed hearts which frequently hide even behind the Church’s teachings or good intentions, in order to sit in the chair of Moses and judge, sometimes with superiority and superficiality, difficult cases and wounded families.”

He continued: “It was about trying to open up broader horizons, rising above conspiracy theories and blinkered viewpoints, so as to defend and spread the freedom of the children of God, and to transmit the beauty of Christian Newness, at times encrusted in a language which is archaic or simply incomprehensible.”

The Current Crisis

The Gowdy Committee as Seen From the Left and the Right

By 10.28.15

We are told that our political system here in Washington is “broken.” The left and the right do not get along, and usually it is because the right is obdurately partisan. Actually, it is not the political system that is broken. It is much wider than the political system. It is the political culture, that is to say: the politicians, the operatives, the financial supporters, and the voters (left and right). It is also the commentators, the reporters, the editors; in a word the media (left and right). The left-wing press sees things one way and reports on it. The right-wing press sees things differently and reports on it. Neither side agrees on almost anything.

We just lived through a vivid example of this kind of bifurcation last week when Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared before Congressman Trey Gowdy’s House select committee investigating Benghazi. The left saw nothing new or noteworthy revealed by the committee. The right saw much that was new and noteworthy. Each side was perplexed by the other side’s partisanship.