Hillary Clinton’s Emails: Lying in Plain Sight


Speaking in San Francisco Thursday, Hillary Clinton told supporters that Donald Trump is not fit to be president. “He roots for himself,” the former Secretary of State proclaimed, “and that’s the type of person who should not be president of the United States.” By that standard, Clinton herself has no business running to win the […]

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Charles Murray Normal

The Church of Conservatism (aka The Neocoms)


Meet the Rt. Rev. Charles Murray and the holy Establishmentarians. In a remarkable essay, Charles Murray adumbrates the tenets of a new religion which might be called the Church of Conservatism. The theology could be fleshed out a bit, but for now here is what we may infer from what Mr. Murray tells us. The new church […]

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In a Memorial Day Mood


Thursday, 2 a.m. I just said the Lord’s Prayer with Alex and then she went to sleep. She’s not really sleeping. She’s just lying in bed with the dogs. Not sleeping. I am watching a super documentary about Janis Joplin, called “Janis: Little Miss Blue.” I have always loved her and this biography is “heartrendering,” as […]

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Education Elite Doubles Down on Common Core


We reported a while back on the growing “achievement gap” between black and white students in Kentucky, which was the first state to hop on board the Common Core Express and therefore the bellwether for the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the national standards. Now even the Hechinger Report, a propaganda outlet known best for […]

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Mr. Boorish vs. Mrs. Boring


We’re getting what we evidently deserve, and how. The quadrennial national popularity contest underway pits the host of one of America’s longest running reality shows against a woman whose husband won election to the presidency. The vote always tells us at least as much about the electorate as it does the elected. Like the homecoming […]

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The Dangers of Elected, Racist Stupidity


Wednesday in the Louisiana House of Representatives, which is becoming a hothouse for material feeding this column (if you think the House is rough around here, you ought to see the Senate!), a comic outrage broke out when, during debate of a bill that would mandate the teaching of the Declaration of Independence to schoolchildren […]

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Know-It-All Government Works Overtime to Kill Jobs and Growth.


Not that the Obama administration could care any less. With strict new rules mandating overtime pay for aspiring professionals and others in mid-level managerial positions, the Obama administration is asking employers to hang out a sign that says, in effect: “We don’t want any go-getters around here. You are strictly forbidden to make any special […]

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Romney Results Bode Poorly for Trump


Could even a corrupt Hillary win on “cares about people like me”? For one primary reason, Mitt Romney was, in the 2012 presidential election, the worst possible choice out of the several most credible Republican hopefuls to challenge President Barack Obama’s re-election: Obamacare should have been the defining issue of that campaign but Romney was singularly […]

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The Donald Closes the Deal


The man “experts” predicted would never win — wins. And so. Now it is official. Against all the odds, all the naysayers, all those who disdained, derided, disparaged and despised, Donald John Trump stands today as the winner of the Republican nomination to be the 45th President of the United States. Three years ago I […]

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America: The Sorrow and the Pity


The sad isolation of the NeverTrumpists. These are trying times at the Trump Tower, with Republican Establishment types lined up all the way down Fifth Avenue to stack their arms and surrender. It brings to mind France in 1940. Mein Gott, ve don’t haf room! Vere do we put der guns? There are of course […]

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