Now Harley…


Now Harley’s being nailed to the cross. For “cheating” Uncle’s emissions rigmarole, like VW was accused of doing (and admitted to doing). This being like “cheating” speed traps by using a radar detector. In each case, there being no evidence of tangible harm caused to anyone. Except, of course, an aggrieved Uncle. And he’s not […]

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A Gem in Chicago


We have gotten so used to seeing college presidents and other academic “leaders” caving in to so many outrageous demands from little gangs of bullying students that it is a long overdue surprise to see a sign that at least one major university has shown some backbone. Dr. Robert J. Zimmer, president of the University […]

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Sometimes a Great Slogan


The other day John Bolton, our former ambassador to the United Nations, was the guest on FOX’s noontime program, “Outnumbered.” There had been another scandal in the Clinton camp (I’m losing track of them), so Ambassador Bolton suggested that Hillary adopt as her campaign slogan, “Not Indicted Yet.” I laughed out loud. And it reminded […]

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From Congressional Bootleggers to Beltway Booze Bans


Fans of the HBO drama Boardwalk Empire will no doubt recall the series’ many Prohibition-era scenes featuring high-level politicians rubbing elbows with bootleggers and openly imbibing in private, even as they assailed the purported societal dangers of the “devil’s brew” in public. One needn’t look further than the story of George Cassiday for a glimpse […]

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Hillary Charges Racism


Washington I have a rule or two about the topic of race. Possibly I could extend it to three or four rules. The first rule is that in a dialogue about politics, current events, horticulture, haute cuisine, you name it, the first person to introduce the question of race is probably a racist. If that […]

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Along Trump’s Road to Greatness


Donald Trump can become one of the greatest Presidents in American history by accomplishing just a few urgent and obvious changes in law and policy that America so desperately needs. Trump h already promised to make precisely these changes, while Hillary has already promised to oppose them and do just the opposite. This is the […]

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Tim Kaine Proves Rush Limbaugh’s Point


So. Here’s the Washington Post the other day on Tim Kaine: Kaine escalates attack on Trump, associating him with ‘Ku Klux Klan values’ Said Hillary’s VP candidate in this Post report: “Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Reno, Nevada, calling out Donald Trump on a lot of things on this equality idea, calling him […]

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The Libertarian Road to the White House


The stakes in the 2016 elections could not be higher. Take the struggling U.S. economy as just one example. Economic growth has been averaging a mere 2 percent a year — well below the normal growth rate Americans have come to expect. And, this slow growth has consequences. Inflation-adjusted median household incomes have stagnated for […]

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The Old and the New at Flushing Meadows


With American men’s tennis still in the wilderness — our last Slam winner was Andy Roddick at the 2003 U.S. Open — it seems fitting that the 136th edition of the great tournament, the last of the year’s majors, is the scene of clashes between old and new. Such clashes are signs of renewal. At […]

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Vermont’s Pride Goeth Before Its Self-Destruction


In the early part of my professional career I worked for a minor league sports team in Vermont, and recently had the opportunity to pass through Vermont for the first time in two decades. What struck me is that Vermont, then and now, is blessed with beautiful geography and picturesque small towns. On the surface […]

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