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Washington Prowler

Coming and Going

By 3.10.02

A GOP surrender. Rudy wows Washington -- but a woman steals the GOP show. Who comes after Fred?

Washington Prowler

Al and Bill, Tom and Dick

By 3.7.02

Al's Close Call; Democrats poop out on the stimulus. Plus: What's gotten into Peter Fitzgerald? Also: Katherine remains great.

Washington Prowler

Frosting Nancy

By 3.6.02

Is there no stopping Congresswoman Pelosi? Also: Romney moves swiftly. Plus: Sleuth Willie

Washington Prowler

Ridge Over Troubled Water

By 3.5.02

A Republican defection may mean the president's Homeland Security chief will be compelled to testify. Also: Clinton plans a Harlem bash.

Washington Prowler

Solomonic on Steel

By 3.4.02

The president will have it both ways. Also: Al Gore quietly prepares to prepare. The White House waits to hear what Simon says.

Washington Prowler

Steel and O’Neill

By 3.3.02

Also: Secret Service breakdowns. Whitman holds back. The DNC's new soft money. Clinton down under.

Washington Prowler

Fallout From Utah

By 2.27.02

Mitt Romney wants to serve. George Pataki has even bigger plans. Then there's Bill Clinton ...

Washington Prowler

Bumps on the Stump

By 2.25.02

Jeffords in limbo. Broward blowback. Liddy's ditty.

Washington Prowler

Tough Talkers

By 2.24.02

At least today's heroines are said to be. Not so Bill Clinton, who as a result nearly went hungry during a Hollywood stopover.

Washington Prowler

John Edwards Goes to Canosa

By 2.21.02

It's not nice to lose trial lawyer money. Plus: Gephardt samples the left coast. Hillary's bad air day.