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Washington Prowler

Cuomo’s Crackup

By 4.22.02

And why it's probably left Bill Clinton gleeful. At least until he pondered who would pay for his next return to Arkansas.

Washington Prowler

On Wisconsin

By 4.19.02

Can Tommy Thompson go home again? Plus: Kerry generosity.

Washington Prowler

Another Gore Coverup

By 4.18.02

Florida renewed a touchy subject, though Al pretended he had nothing to hide. Plus: A Clinton surprise.

Washington Prowler

Traficant Outlawed

By 4.17.02

Dick Gephardt gets tough. Also: Common Cause's pressure tactics.

Washington Prowler

Tennessee at Risk

By 4.16.02

GOP divisions come to the fore. Meanwhile, House Democrats figure out how to run with and against Bush.

Washington Prowler

Carol, Janet, and the Groucho Gals

By 4.15.02

Will another gal from Illinois join Hillary in the Senate? Also: No reason to gamble on Reno. Plus: Bill is starting to get calls.

Washington Prowler

Armey Ambushed

By 4.12.02

The House Majority Leader is betrayed one last time. Also: Clinton's mysterious campaign plans.

Washington Prowler

Florida Revisited

By 4.11.02

Al Gore to return to scene of the crime. Also: Nancy Pelosi risks Frost bite.

Washington Prowler

Pentagon Casualty

By 4.10.02

It's still unclear who sabotaged the Office of Strategic Influence. But senior Pentagon officials suspect the culprit may be one of their own.

Washington Prowler

Clinton Numbers

By 4.9.02

Will there be a recount? Also: Leach's new initiative. Plus: Bold leadership from Daschle.