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Washington Prowler

Stiffing Simon

By 5.6.02

Absentee voters are a low priority for California's GOP -- a state party controlled by a conservative-distrusting moderate who isn't playing to win in 2002. Also: Edwards family values.

Washington Prowler

Broadcast News

By 5.3.02

Pay Bill Clinton, and he'll put on a great show. He'll even be Charlie Rose, if the money's right. Plus: the one show NPR focus groups will never see.

Washington Prowler

Climbing Hoyer and Hoyer

By 5.1.02

The Maryland Democrat wants a rematch with nemesis Nancy Pelosi -- and this time he intends to trounce the women who beat him to become House Minority Whip.

Washington Prowler

Daschle’s Designs

By 4.23.02

Tom flies high, with a stopover in Daley country. He also clicks with the High Tech lobby. He just may be running for president.