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Washington Prowler

”We Have to Get Bush”

By 5.20.02

What did Daschle know, and when did he know it? Plus: Baylor's Clinton-Bush connection.

Washington Prowler

Payback Time

By 5.17.02

McCain's defector could cost the GOP the Senate. Plus: House underground costs revisited.

Washington Prowler

Democrat Dirty Tricks

By 5.16.02

One of them comes back to haunt a leading House liberal. But who gave him the okay? Also: Deciding Bush's travels will cost him.

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Lemon Pledges

By 5.15.02

The Clinton Library is finding many promised payments to be overdue -- and 5¢-a-day fines won't make up the shortfall.

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By 5.14.02

No, not the Gators vs. the Volunteers. Just more statewide political messes. In one, a real people's president stumps for Janet Reno. In the other, the GOP risks losing a key Senate seat.

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Sweating the Dems

By 5.13.02

Daschle, Gore, Clinton, Oprah and the most faithful one of all, Peter Jennings.

Washington Prowler

Jet Sets and Crusaders

By 5.10.02

Israel hangars on. Clinton steals Gephardt's New Hampshire date. Secretary White's artillery fire.

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Bill’s Shaky Foundation

By 5.9.02

Make way for the new Cincinnati Kid. Also: Was Andy Cuomo right?

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Clinton’s Return to Riady Country

By 5.8.02

The White House is no longer timorous about sending Bill abroad. Plus: Will the GOP shut the Senate down tomorrow?

Washington Prowler

Major Shakeout at CNN

By 5.7.02

The Cable News Network is getting rid of people who can report news.