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Washington Prowler

Payback Time

By 5.17.02

McCain's defector could cost the GOP the Senate. Plus: House underground costs revisited.

Washington Prowler

Democrat Dirty Tricks

By 5.16.02

One of them comes back to haunt a leading House liberal. But who gave him the okay? Also: Deciding Bush's travels will cost him.

Washington Prowler

Lemon Pledges

By 5.15.02

The Clinton Library is finding many promised payments to be overdue -- and 5¢-a-day fines won't make up the shortfall.

Washington Prowler


By 5.14.02

No, not the Gators vs. the Volunteers. Just more statewide political messes. In one, a real people's president stumps for Janet Reno. In the other, the GOP risks losing a key Senate seat.