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Washington Prowler

Obama’s Fishy $200 Million

By 10.2.08

Who will investigate before Election Day? Also: Barney and Fannie.

Washington Prowler

Democrat Leaders Played to Lose

By 9.30.08

Not just Speaker Pelosi but Rahm Emanuel obtain the desired result in yesterday's House vote.

Washington Prowler

Room Service

By 9.29.08

Secretary Paulson's Democrat guests. Also: Obama's "John."

Washington Prowler

Couric Diminishes Gov. Palin

By 9.26.08

So she's not a governor if Katie refuses to call her that?

Washington Prowler

McCotter’s Alternative

By 9.24.08

Offering a ten-point plan of his own, the chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee isn't on board with the Paulson Plan.

Washington Prowler

Democrat Delay Game

By 9.23.08

The idea is to string out any bailout talks for pure political gain.

Washington Prowler

Financial Collapse Democrats

By 9.22.08

Obama and Jim Johnson. Dodd and Barney Frank. Shifting blame to McCain's guy.

Washington Prowler

Obama-Biden Reservations Confirmed

By 9.17.08

Troop withdrawal sabotaged. Beverly Hills money and a broken bank. Biden debate prep.

Washington Prowler

Fanny, Freddie, and Obama

By 9.8.08

They go way back.

Washington Prowler

Storm Center

By 9.2.08

CNN camera bias. Rough on Palin. Mitt's cadre.