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Washington Prowler

Merry Christmas, Carol

By 12.17.08

Carol Browner's lobbying comes neatly wrapped.

Washington Prowler

Hot Rodders

By 12.15.08

Obama's friends of Rod Blagojevich. Also: Finalizing Obama's plans to expand left rights.

Washington Prowler

Have Presidency, Will Travel

By 12.12.08

So what will it be for Obama's first foreign trip: Indonesia or Brussels?

Washington Prowler

Lost in Transition

By 12.8.08

Obama reaches out and touches some lobbyists. Plus: Senator Jeb before 2010?

Washington Prowler

Transition Costs

By 11.24.08

What about Geithner and AIG? Plus: Hillary's consiglere.

Washington Prowler

Beg Your Pardongate

By 11.17.08

Obama gets off on corrupt foot. Is there a difference between his Chicago and Clinton connections?

Washington Prowler

Wasting No Time

By 11.7.08

Obama team promotes Waxman at Dingell's expense. Also: The Obama team's secretive K Street Project. Plus: The RNC race heats up.

Washington Prowler

Aunt Zeituni’s Protectors

By 11.3.08

Deval Patrick's monitoring duties for Obama. Plus: GOP vulture activity in South Carolina.

Washington Prowler

Post-Defeat Planners

By 10.27.08

Mitt Romney doesn't love Sarah. Eric Cantor thinks it's his time.

Washington Prowler

How Bad Is It?

By 10.14.08

An election gone south. Plus: Haughty Hank.