Washington Prowler

Washington Prowler

To the Left

By 3.2.09

Obamism marches on: Shauna Daly's new assignment. Charity ends with Obama. ACORN's national portal.

Washington Prowler

In All Fairness

By 2.16.09

Preparing to telemprompt the President. Also: Henry Waxman gets ready to roll on a Fairness Doctrine in all but name.

Washington Prowler

Hitting Close to Home

By 1.12.09

Richardson withdrawal points spotlight at Obama's ties to Illinois housing industry. Also: Rangel kept out of the stimulus loop.

Washington Prowler

Beyond Bill Richardson

By 1.5.09

Turns out his backer David Rubin's CDR Financial was close to many Democrats profiting from Fannie and Freddie's wheeling and dealing.