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Washington Prowler

A Lebanese Charm Offensive

By 1.12.13

Can George Mitchell's lobbying allays concerns about a central banking system's ties to the Assad regime and Hezbollah?

Washington Prowler

Softness at the NSC

By 11.26.12

Who edited the CIA's talking points?

Washington Prowler

Anti-Business as Usual

By 6.20.11

Bill Daley got an earful, which was music to the president's ear. Plus: Final proof Rick Perry's running.

Washington Prowler

National Public Internet

By 6.14.11

The Obama plan to create a government-run "competitor" to private broadband companies.

Washington Prowler

This Property Is Condemned

By 6.13.11

Democrat leaders want to seize Weiner's hard drives. Plus: Those TARP-tainted GOP presidential hopefuls.

Washington Prowler

Shut the People Down

By 4.11.11

Obama planning during the budget standoff. Also: Romney recruitment blunders.

Washington Prowler

Obama Arming Al Qaeda?

By 3.28.11

That's the likely outcome of his Libya war.

Washington Prowler

Power Plays

By 3.25.11

How Obama took control over the Internet. Bachmann makes Boehner-Cantor's day.

Washington Prowler

Hands Off the Obamacare Slush Fund

By 3.16.11

Why has the GOP House leadership blocked Reps. King and Bachmann's efforts to defund Obamacare implementation?

Washington Prowler

Patriotic Gore

By 3.14.11

That's amore, Newt style. Plus: Manning up at Foggy Bottom.