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Staying in the Fight: An Interview With Brad Thor

By 7.7.15

Ned Ryun: I’m always fascinated with origin stories, on where something all began. So I have to ask: how did you become an author? Where did it begin?

Brad Thor: For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an author. I didn’t pursue it until my thirties, though, because I was afraid of failing. It wasn’t until my wife asked me on our honeymoon, “What would you regret on your deathbed never having accomplished?” That was when I committed to becoming a writer. When we returned home, I began spending two hours a day working on my debut novel, The Lions of Lucerne. If it wasn’t for the support of my wife and her belief in me, I don’t know if I ever would have taken the plunge.

NR: I’m a big fan of your books, and one of the reasons is that I can absolutely see what you write about taking place right now in the real world. Can you talk a little about your research process and sources?

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Six Questions With Geert Wilders

By 10.21.14

Geert Wilders is the founder of the Dutch Party for Freedom, the fourth largest in that country’s parliament, and perhaps the Netherlands’ most controversial political figure. Wilders, whose 2008 film Fitna confrontationally opposed the encroachment of Islamic culture into Europe, has become an international figure while being prosecuted for “hate speech.” Calling himself a “right-wing liberal,” Wilders advocates curbing immigration into the Netherlands and other Western countries from Islamic nations, closing radical mosques, denaturalizing violent Muslims, and reducing the power of the European Union, among other things.

In America this week for a one-week tour, Wilders chatted with The American Spectator about Islam, the civilizational conflict, and what must be done to keep the West free.

How big is the threat to the West from Islamic civilizational jihad? Is our focus on terrorism overlooking other, perhaps more insidious means?

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More Than We Can Stomach

By 10.24.13

Adapted from RET's remarks delivered last night at The American Spectator’s annual Robert L. Bartley Dinner.

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Donald Trump: America’s Entrepreneur

By 10.22.13

Pickens Entrepreneur Award to be presented tomorrow night.      

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Dine With Ted Cruz!

By 10.1.13

Announcing our 2013 Bartley gala. Come join us and Sen. Cruz at the JW Marriott on October 23.

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Thomas Sowell Live, Part II

By 4.16.12

We conclude our interview with the author of Intellectuals and Society, now out in a new edition.

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Thomas Sowell Live

By 4.13.12

An interview with the Hoover Institution's great economist.

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Quotations From Chairman Ryan

By 3.3.11

Shifting from a culture of spending to one of cutting.

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Long Live Larry King

By 12.16.10

Good-bye, at least for a short while.

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The Evening Keynote

By 11.23.09

Remarks delivered by the chairman of the House Republican Conference at The American Spectator's annual Robert L. Bartley dinner last Thursday evening.