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Streetcar Line

The Coming Obama Crack-Up

By 3.6.13

It may already be occurring.

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Bank on It: This Nominee Is Outrageous

By 2.26.13

When qualifications and the job description are poles apart.

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To Beat Political Despair, Tell Better Stories

By 2.19.13

The Silent Majority needs small victories to find its voice.

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Tea Parties Play the Right Music

By 2.13.13

Media should praise their admirable civic service.

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NFL: The Nothing-but Filth League

By 2.5.13

Beyoncé was beyond the pale.

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Things I Think

By 1.31.13

Random thoughts on everything from J. Harbaugh and J. Nicklaus to J. Manchin and J. Hickenlooper.

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Conservatives Underperform Our Issues

By 1.23.13

The political right communicates wrong(ly).

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New Conservative Strategy, Part Two

By 1.18.13

Take small victories; engage the grassroots; go viral before the State of the Union.

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New, McGood Strategery for Conservatives

By 1.15.13

How to legislate and communicate for the imminent battles.

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A Feat of Congressional Bipartisanship

By 1.7.13

It's gone unreported but the House Ethics Committee has done a remarkable job.