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State Watch

A $15 Minimum Wage

By 11.4.13

A small suburban Washington city of 27,000 has recently taken center stage in the national debate over living wages. Voters in the City of SeaTac will soon decide on Proposition 1, a ballot initiative to establish perhaps the most draconian employment standards in the nation, complete with a $15 minimum wage requirement.

Labor leaders are thrilled, and it’s not hard to see why: Labor support of Prop 1 appears to be part of a growing trend to promote union organizing through local ballot initiatives.

Though small in terms of geography and population, the City of SeaTac is economically significant because it hosts Sea-Tac International Airport and surrounding travel and hospitality businesses.

Prop 1’s roots go back to 2005, when Alaska Airlines replaced unionized baggage handlers with non-union contractors. Six years later, Unite Here Local 8, the hospitality workers union, spent historic amounts of money to successfully finance three city council elections.

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Christie’s Shaky Signing

By 8.23.13

New Jersey's new ban is an attack on liberty, religious and beyond.

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In Big Sky Country, a Big Opportunity

By 7.23.13

Montana has sent a surprising number of Democrats to the Senate. But Republicans have a real chance next year.

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Another IRS Outrage

By 6.20.13

Clinton IRS commissioner: Tax audit of Virginia farmer just "a coincidence."

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Cash for Organs?

By 6.19.13

It could ease long waiting lists. Besides, making or changing policy on an ad hoc basis for one individual is a terrible way to deal with a national problem.

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Whither Suburbia?

By 6.18.13

Urban elitists don’t recognize that their policies helped create the “sprawl” that they disdain.

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Striking the Wrong Chord

By 6.10.13

Was the storming of Gibson Guitar headquarters politically motivated?

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California Wake Up Call

By and 6.7.13

The California Dream is slumbering into nightmare.

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Cuccinelli’s Party

By 5.16.13

This weekend's convention will show why Virginia's GOP won't have a primary. 

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A Homeless Bill of Rights

By 5.9.13

That's what California's Democrats are pushing.