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So Long, Tony

By 11.1.11

Tony La Russa may be retired, but now he can go back to practicing law.

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My Kind of Court Awareness

By 10.27.11

A movie about women's basketball -- hold the feminism.

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Mr. Longoria Goes to Texas

By 9.30.11

Movie by Frank Capra -- story by Damon Runyon -- music by Max Steiner.

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Why Moneyball Is Off Base

By 9.27.11

If you know anything about baseball -- or statistics -- Moneyball is an aggravating moviegoing experience.

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Narrow Open

By 9.13.11

It was fitting that a great American tournament ended on 9/12. But there were some ugly moments.

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A Wide Open Week

By 9.6.11

Stirrings of hope for American tennis at the great New York tournament.

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Stepanek Steps Up

By 8.8.11

When will American tennis?

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Can The Pirates Right Their Ship?

By 8.4.11

For a while, it looked like Pittsburgh was heading for the playoffs. What went wrong?

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By 8.3.11

U.S. congressmen should be playing doubles.

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Brainy Power

By 8.2.11

The Czechs have it. The Germans yesterday did not.