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Sports Arena

Puncher’s Chance

By 2.27.03

Why we still watch Mike Tyson.

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Annika Plays With the Big Boys

By 2.18.03

In gentle sunshine with soft breezes, she could do very well.

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By 1.23.03

Are you in any shape for Sunday? Even those who don't like football will be compelled to watch the Super Bowl.

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Charlie’s Latest Hustle

By 12.15.02

Pete Rose should never be reinstated. And Bud Selig should be excommunicated.

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The Sweet Taste of Humble Pie

By 10.31.02

You're never the same after the New York City Marathon.

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The Triumph of the West II

By 10.28.02

How the Angels' heavenly win translated into a victory for Southern California and the Southern Hemisphere alike.

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The Triumph of the West

By 10.18.02

The Angels? In the World Series? In Anaheim? In fabled Orange County?

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The Case Against Minnesota’s Darling Twins


They play in the worst venue in professional sports, an inflated stadium better suited to the wrecker's ball than to Major League hardball.

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Confessions of a Front-Running Turncoat

By 10.3.02

How a Chicago Cubs fan learned to stop suffering and love the Yankees.

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Easy Ryder

By 9.30.02

Europeans taught Americans two things over the weekend: how to golf, and how to act.