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Sports Arena

Horn Swaggled

By 12.28.03

What goes around comes around -- but rarely so rapidly.

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The NFL’s Lonely Hero

By 12.3.03

Pat Tillman, 75th Ranger Regiment, fights on.

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Shoot, Minnie, Shoot!

By 10.31.03

If you're fed up with superstar behavior, join the author in waxing wistful for the good old days of 1904 and the girls' team at Fort Shaw.

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Rush to Judgment

By 10.3.03

At the bottom of the story, we have a famous man making a slightly intemperate remark. Does anybody realize that?

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Tour de Pain


It's one thing to know about Lance Armstrong. But what about the ordeal of the race itself?

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It’s All About the Show

By 6.12.03

Of course Sammy Sosa corks his bats -- how could it be otherwise?

Sports Arena

Saving Mike Tyson


Baiting him has become Media Bloodsport. Enough!

Sports Arena

Second Acts

By 4.30.03

Michael Jordan’s predicament, and how some others have handled it.

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By 4.8.03

The New York Times resumes its favorite dirty war.

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He Would’ve Wanted It That Way

By 3.19.03

Common decency and respect for those who risk their lives for us require that we put our sporting lives on hold.