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The Natural

By 5.29.13

To be young, gifted, and in fine form at Roland-Garros.

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A Hot Chill in Paris

By 5.28.13

The French Open gets underway, an elegant contrast to a sour mood in France.

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The Prince of Madrid

By 5.14.13

Rafa Nadal, shouting “Vamos!” and looking as good as ever.

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Manny Pacquiao vs. The IRS

By 5.10.13

Can a fighter resist the taxman without suffering permanent brain damage?

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The Prince of Monte Carlo

By 4.23.13

Novak Djokovic takes the lead on the road to Paris.

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The Man of Tandil

By 3.18.13

Juan Martin del Potro on a Hot Streak at Indian Wells.

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Will Welker Walk?

By 3.11.13

The Patriots and their wide receiver will have to get open quickly.

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Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day

By 2.11.13

Blessed baseball is back -- just as it's completed its season Down Under.

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Not Yet Elite, But Pretty Neat

By 2.5.13

The Baltimore Ravens become Joe Flacco’s football team.

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Do Regulations Encourage Cheating?

By 1.28.13

A simple medical time-out at the Australian Open gets our correspondent tangled up in existential issues.