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Sports Arena

Brain and Brawn

By 6.6.11

Genius came this close, but relentless strength prevailed.

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Ladies’ Tennis

By 6.3.11

Girls? Girls' tennis? These young women are not girls.

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Here Come the Pros

By 6.2.11

They're easy to write off -- then next thing you know, they're in the semis.

Sports Arena

The Weight of the Past

By 5.31.11

Alas for France, today's new musketeers are no match for the Mousquetaires who defeated Bill Tilden. Live from Paris.

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By 5.27.11

Spaniards on the court, Spanish whispers in the stands, tennis the way it should be played.

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Poetry in Motion

By 5.26.11

The Bryan Brothers play doubles with wonderful American individuality.

Sports Arena

Eye on the Ball

By 5.25.11

The focus on day two of the French championnat was on John Isner, the American who stood tall and played bigger.  

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We’ll Always Have Tennis — in Paris

By 5.24.11

Live from Roland-Garros, after a good dose of Open Skies.

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DiMaggio: 56 at 70

By 5.11.11

Here's a record steroids won't break.

Sports Arena

Playing With a Fuld Deck

By 4.21.11

Tampa Bay's new hero has made it easy to forget Manny Ramirez.