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Spectator's Journal

Visiting FDR’s Little White House

By 4.30.12

America's 32nd president died here, in a unique presidential home that hasn't changed since April 1945. 

Spectator's Journal

Lost in the Prado

By 4.17.12

In Madrid art by day, flamenco by night.

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Roman Fever

By 4.4.12

A city like no other, maybe even more so this time of year.

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The Mean Old Gray Lady

By From the March 2012 issue

Is it too late to say something good about the New York Times?

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Iraq in the Rearview Mirror

By From the December 2011 - January 2012 issue

So now that we're out, what did we accomplish?

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Jittery in Jerusalem

By From the October 2011 issue

In Israel, well-founded worries over the "Arab Spring."

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Crammed Onto Buses

By From the June 2011 issue

Easter in China is when the government makes clear it doesn't like China's house churches.

Spectator's Journal

The Russian Mind Today: A Geopolitical Guide

By From the December 2010 - January 2011 issue

During my 60-plus trips to Russia over the last 20 years, I've noticed how Russian attitudes toward the U.S. -- once relatively friendly -- have evolved. Today, dislike -- even hatred -- of America leads some Russian national security officials to believe that if you are an enemy of the U.S. (e.g., Venezuela, Iran), you must be a friend of Russia. Most are not so dogmatic, but they also are not America's friends. Their philosophical embrace of something akin to Mussolini's corporate state, plus their ambitions for increased influence in, or annexation of, former Soviet territory, practically ensures they will hold negative feelings about the American government. After all, we believe in an open society and the independence and sanctity of borders of the former Soviet states.