Special Report

Special Report

To the Cologne Station

By 1.18.16

When Arab gangs assaulted large numbers of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, the police, German media, and elected officials deliberately suppressed what had happened. Unruly migrant mobs spoil the feel-good spirit that European leaders demand about Mideastern newcomers, and they portend rising intercultural friction. The authorities’ failed cover-up enraged much of the country.

The European Union script, entitled “Noble Asylum Seeker,” has played Europe all year. Multiculturalists, universalists, world savers, and globalists have all had a hand in its plot line, but the story faces narrative collapse. “After about 1.1 million arrivals in 2015, a majority of German voters want a rapid reduction in numbers and support the reintroduction of border controls to reach this goal as soon as possible,” Politico reports.

Special Report

A Year of Living on Our Knees

By 1.7.16

“What I’m about to say is maybe a little pompous but I’d rather die standing up than live on my knees.”
— Stéphane Charbonnier (a.k.a. Charb), Editor of Charlie Hebdo, Interview with Le Monde, September 20, 2012

Just over two years after making that statement, Charb would be murdered along with 11 other people by the Kouachi brothers at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in Paris in what was France’s deadliest terrorist attack in decades until the ISIS attacks in Paris just 10 months later. Of the dozen killed that day, eight were members of the Charlie Hebdo staff.

Special Report

Another Camille and Overdue Bills

By 1.6.16

Today, Camille Cosby was scheduled to appear in a deposition relating to a lawsuit against her husband, Bill Cosby. But a federal judge agreed late yesterday to an emergency request filed on Monday by lawyers representing the Cosbys to delay the deposition, pending an appeal on whether she should testify at all. But the Crosby saga is far from over and has profound implications for the Clintons.

Seven women who allege Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them brought this particular lawsuit. A few hours before New Year’s Eve, Federal Judge David H. Hennessey had denied Camille Cosby’s motion to quash the deposition based on spousal privilege and that her testimony would be an “undue burden.” He noted she might have relevant knowledge, especially as Cosby’s business manager. Cosby’s leading-from-behind lawyers should have had her abrogate that post long ago.

Cosby himself has said, “People would rather deal with me than with Camille. She’s rough to deal with when it comes to my business.” Sounds like something Bill Clinton might say about Hillary.

Special Report

Education Freedom Accounts —Today’s Rosenwald Schools

By 1.5.16

Recently, in an editorial called “Private school doesn’t have to be only for the rich,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Kyle Wingfield argued that education savings accounts would enable poor and middle income students to afford private schools. Many academic studies support Mr. Wingfield’s view, as does the historical evidence from efforts such as the Rosenwald Rural Schools Initiative.

Special Report

What’s Their Beef?

By 1.4.16

It’s too bad that the least honest headline came from a local media outlet: “Muslim workers fired over prayer dispute in Colorado.” This bit of misdirection from Denver’s 9News (perhaps not surprisingly an NBC affiliate) neglects to mention that the roughly 180 Somali workers fired from their jobs at a Cargill meat-packing plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado, had knowingly violated their employment contracts by walking off the job.

Let’s back up a few days: Minnesota-based Cargill, one of the largest agricultural commodity firms on the planet, employs roughly 2,000 people at its huge beef-processing plant in Fort Morgan, a town of about 11,500 people eighty miles northeast of Denver. About 400 of these workers are from Somalia and are, I presume, Muslim.

Special Report

2015, Even Dumber Than 2014

By 12.30.15

The world spins in a dumb direction. We can’t jump off. So, stupid makes us its captive audience. Enjoy the show—or move to the wilderness to turn off the mindlessness.

The media made criminals of cops in 2015. Playboy regrettably clothed their models in a characteristic move to offend prevailing mores. The Daily Mail, The Daily Caller, and The Daily News all described Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement using some variant of the word “shocking.”

After Muslim fanatics murdered much of the staff of Charlie Hebdo and the audience of an Eagles of Death Metal performance in separate Paris attacks, political leaders gleaned the lesson that Westerners unwilling to accept more of the terrorists’ coreligionists into their midst exhibited terrible hatred, intolerance, xenophobia, and common sense. Okay. They failed to say that last part. But they thought it. Publicly stating the opposite of one’s private thoughts ranks as the most 2015 thing of 2015. The Chinese calendar, and the American character, both tell us it’s the Year of the Sheep.

Special Report

Cheap Oil Is Story of the Year

By 12.29.15

The best Christmas/New Year’s present that many Americans received this year was low gasoline prices. The price at the pump today is $1.89 a gallon in many states when last year it was twice that high at $4 a gallon in many areas.

Meanwhile, ‎oil prices have fallen from $105 a barrel in the summer of 2014 to hovering at $35 a barrel today. That’s a two-thirds reduction in the price and the biggest factor is shale oil brought to you by fracking. Not only is gas now less than $2 a gallon in many areas, but it could fall further in the weeks ahead.

The falling price means, of course, an expanded supply. Barack Obama sure had this story dead wrong. He thinks we are running out of oil.

In a 2008 speech in Lansing, Michigan, presidential candidate Obama was all doom and gloom about oil, advising: “We cannot sustain a future powered by a fuel that is rapidly disappearing.”

Then in 2010 from the Oval Office he solemnly declared: “We’re running out of places to drill,” and he jeered that the oil and gas industry might want to start pumping for oil near the Washington Monument.

Special Report

Socrates on Gun Control and ISIS: A Dialogue

By 12.18.15

Socrates: Why have you come at this hour, Crito? It must be quite early.

Crito: Yes, certainly.

Socrates: What is the exact time?

Crito: The dawn is breaking.

Socrates: What is your reason for such an early entrance.

Crito: There has been another mass shooting in the agora.

Socrates: My thoughts and prayers are with those in mourning who cry out to the Furies for vengeance in this world or the next!

Special Report

Europe Declares War Against the Jews, Again

By 12.16.15

Israel’s largest trading partner, the European Union, is about to implement a process of labeling goods produced in both the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

There is something terribly unseemly about Europeans labeling Jewish products, but then when Sweden commemorates Kristallnacht, while asking Jews not to attend let alone participate, it would appear that sensitivity to Jewish suffering and feelings is not high on the European agenda, not that it ever has been.

Chinese products made in Tibet, which China obliterated from the map, will not be labeled. Russian products from the newly conquered Crimea will not be labeled. Neither will products from any of a dozen areas in the world that are in territorial dispute. Only products made by Jews.

The whole business reeks of anti-Semitism.

So, what ostensibly motivates the Europeans to implement this malevolent policy?