Serve and Volley

Serve and Volley

The Court Never Shrinks

By 9.4.13

The draw narrows, but the court is the same.

Serve and Volley

Open Hopes

By 9.3.13

The U.S. Open’s first weekend is where hopes are dashed and spring back to life.

Serve and Volley

Gritty Gals, Gritty Guys

By 8.30.13

The show goes on, and the air at the U.S. Open makes you try harder.

Serve and Volley


By 8.29.13

Rain delays at Flushing Meadow cannot stop the excitement at the U.S. Open.

Serve and Volley

Polish Charges

By 8.28.13

Defense beats offense? Only if the tactician plays better!

Serve and Volley

The Mental Side of Tennis

By 8.27.13

The champs are coming out on the biggest stage of them all, minds like steel traps.

Serve and Volley

Balmy Days

By 8.15.13

Our correspondent offers random observations on Serbia.

Serve and Volley

Champions and Winners

By 8.5.13

A fine finale and a reminder of what sports are for.

Serve and Volley

For Fun and Profit

By 8.2.13

Americans struggle at the Citi Open under stormy skies.

Serve and Volley

Old Men, Young Men

By 8.1.13

Which is better, youthful energy or mature experience -- or is the question stupid?