The Right Prescription

The Right Prescription

How to Lose the House Without Really Trying

By 9.30.13

The latest GOP compromise on defunding Obamacare may well lead to a midterm massacre.

The Right Prescription

Constitutionally Illiterate

By 9.25.13

When it comes to the Constitution and Obamacare, the Democrats are proud to be Know Nothings.

The Right Prescription

The Truth About Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court

By 9.23.13

Some actual facts to wash off the media muck thrown at you over the weekend.  

The Right Prescription

Obamacare’s Useful Idiots

By 9.16.13

One by one, the dupes have been double-crossed by Obama and the Democrats.

The Right Prescription

Labor Day Lies

By 9.4.13

Under Obama, American workers are losing ground in unprecedented ways.

The Right Prescription

Unions to Get Yet Another Obamacare Break?

By 9.3.13

The White House is about to give its union masters another special dispensation from the law.

The Right Prescription

Sorry, Obamacare Isn’t Better Than ‘No Plan’

By 8.26.13

The GOP has an alternative plan, but even repeal with no replacement would be better than Obamacare.

The Right Prescription

Will Obamacare Enforcers Appear on Your Doorstep?

By 8.19.13

HHS will spend $224 million in grants to pay for home inspection programs.

The Right Prescription

Congress Exempts Itself From the Law

By 8.7.13

Who says Obama and members of both parties can't agree on anything?

The Right Prescription

The CBO’S Faulty Numbers

By 8.5.13

Delayed implementation of Obamacare will place an even greater burden on taxpayers than reported.