The Right Prescription

The Right Prescription

A Late Shift

By and 2.11.10

A new strategy could make the Blair House health care summit more than a PR event.

The Right Prescription


By 2.5.10

The mammogram-restricting agency receives of clean bill of health in the new Obama budget.

The Right Prescription

Just Walk Away

By 2.2.10

The Medicare mess alone disqualifies the Obamacare bills from further consideration.

The Right Prescription

Health Reform: Where to Go From Here

By 1.27.10

Republicans and conservatives now have their first chance to be heard.

The Right Prescription

Mom Gets Sick: Why Scott Brown Should Listen to Dr. James Rich

By 1.26.10

Health care hits home: Pennsylvania doctor's health care paper ignored by Democrats Specter and Casey.

The Right Prescription

Cohn Heads

By 1.22.10

Liberals who argue the masses would come to love the health care reform they currently hate.

The Right Prescription

Miracle in Massachusetts Deals Devastating Blow to Obamacare

By 1.20.10

Democrats are out of viable options to pass health care legislation.

The Right Prescription

Pelosicare’s Broken Window

By 1.8.10

Nancy, it won't cost you anything to read up on Frédéric Bastiat.

The Right Prescription

Golden Clipboards for Golden Health Reformers

By 1.6.10

Honoring insiders who've tried to move health-care reform in the right direction.

The Right Prescription

Republicans Botched Health Care First

By 1.5.10

Fifteen lost years, and now we're paying the price.