The Right Prescription

The Right Prescription

An Obamacare Anniversary Bridge

By 3.23.11

If not for its waivers, including the very corrupt Bridges to Reform for California, it would have no accomplishments.

The Right Prescription

Picking on Mitch Daniels

By 3.10.11

He's not on the road to government-run healthcare.

The Right Prescription

Judge Vinson Fails to Apply the Two-By-Four

By 3.4.11

Why did he stay his own ObamaCare ruling? Surely, not to reward the administration's mulish defiance?

The Right Prescription

Waiver Goodbye to Obama

By 3.2.11

No matter what he's selling, states know there's no way out of the fiscal trainwreck that is Obamacare.  

The Right Prescription

Dr. Berwick and Mr. Hide

By 2.18.11

Was that sly creature who visited Capitol Hill last week really the celebrated medical maven?

The Right Prescription

Obamacare’s Sales Force

By 2.15.11

How did it escape the House Republicans' budget axe?

The Right Prescription

Desperately Seeking Solace

By 2.8.11

Obamacare's supporters seek balm in balmy theories about the Vinson decision.

The Right Prescription

The Legal Future of Obamacare

By 2.2.11

Officially, it is no longer the law of the land. That means more than anyone is letting on.

The Right Prescription

Obamacare Unconstitutional? Roger That!

By 2.1.11

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson invokes severability to strike down entire reform law.

The Right Prescription

A Natural Born Job Killer

By 1.21.11

Obamacare is already adding to the unemployment rolls.