The Right Prescription

The Right Prescription

Bringing the Bureaucrats to Heel

By 1.7.11

Obama's health care commissars need obedience training.

The Right Prescription

Obamacare’s Dirty Tricks

By 1.5.11

The regulatory authoritarianism of its death panels is small potatoes compared to the rest.

The Right Prescription

Berwick’s Orwellian Wellness Visit

By 1.3.11

Underlying it all is an insistence that old people not live as well as they have been.

The Right Prescription

Of Severability and Sins of Omission

By 12.7.10

Could ObamaCare fall victim to an oversight by a congressional aide? Judge Henry Hudson might tell us as much before the month is over.

The Right Prescription

Medical Losers

By 11.24.10

According to Obamacare, it's good for consumers to have to pay more for less and less coverage and treatment.

The Right Prescription

Don Berwick’s Death Panel?

By 11.16.10

Time to ask the man from Medicare why he thinks Provenge too expensive even though it helps save prostate cancer victims' lives.

The Right Prescription

A Roadmap to Repeal and Reform

By 11.10.10

Cutting off those Obama-Berwick cronies who would cash in on Obamacare.

The Right Prescription

How the GOP Can Stop the Spread of Obamacare

By 11.5.10

With a three-stage vaccine successfully tested -- in Massachusetts.

The Right Prescription

A Triple Threat to Patients

By 10.25.10

Courtesy of Obamacare's unconfirmed czar, Donald Berwick -- a first order business from the next Congress.

The Right Prescription

Dr. Daschle

By 10.14.10

Or why we should stop worrying and love ObamaCare.