The Recession Spectator

The Recession Spectator

Prophets and Losses, Part II

By 2.6.13

Why central planning soothsayers are constantly wrong.

The Recession Spectator

Prophets and Losses

By 2.5.13

The vaunted Fed's real track record on the economy.

The Recession Spectator

Killing the Goose

By 11.21.12

Corporation employee unions have killed the companies that provide their jobs. But the nation dies harder, and government unions profit.

The Recession Spectator

The Small Business Canard

By 10.26.12

Obama's Laputan economy benefits corporations and little else.

The Recession Spectator

The Fed’s Ticking Inflation Bomb

By 9.19.12

What next in this "recovery"? Obama throwing dollars from Air Force One as fast as Bernanke can print them?

The Recession Spectator

Obama’s Debacle

By 5.16.12

Welcome to the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

The Recession Spectator

Manufacturing Noises

By 2.16.12

Is that a job-making machine we hear?

The Recession Spectator

The Job-Killing Effect of the ‘Do Something’ Mentality

By 9.8.11

Watch out for fiscal conservatives wanting to out-Obama Obama.

The Recession Spectator

Obama’s Double-Down Gamble

By From the July 2010 - August 2010 issue

The White House has served notice that it will continue to apply both monetary and fiscal stimulus through the rest of this year if not longer, the $2 trillion yearly federal overruns be damned.

The Recession Spectator

The Timeless Principles of American Prosperity

By 7.28.10

This should be the central argument and theme for this fall's elections.