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Reader Mail

Conservative Reaction


Readers to John Corry: Don't force Israel into a political settlement with an enemy that denies its right to exist. Anyway, it can't be done. Plus more.

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Too Big For His Breaches


How to quote Shakespeare. Plus: Post-Columbine America, Tommy Thompson, John McCain, Colin Powell, and lots more unconventional wisdom.

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Honor Bound


Armey doubters. Dowd teasers. The example of Jack Nicholson. Feminist fault lines. Circumcision conservatism. And more.

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Infernal France


It has no shame. Plus: Lad mags, strays, Traficant's pleasant side, and more.

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Name That Clinton Dog


TAP readers answer the call to help name the new laborador a certain former ex-prez has collared. Also: ''Yassir, we don't mean maybe,'' and more.

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Edwards Clinton


Is this the ticket? Plus: NRA endorsements, Pudge equality, fending off the Left, Waiting for Godot at home, papal Sullivan, and more.