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Politics and Race


Pelosi's story. Kerry and reparations. Bias brigadiers. Enemy sightings and more.

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Wild Streaks


Bill Cody, Bob Byrd, McAuliffe, Hillary, Kerry, Buffett et al.

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Blaming Democrats First


And last, and at all points in between. But can Republicans survive now that they're really in control? Plus: Gallic insults. And much more.

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Clearing the Holiday Air


Peace and Islam. Farewell Trent Lott and Patty Murray. Think Walker Percy. The Fighting French. Plus lots more.

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The Gentleman From Oklahoma


Don Nickles is A-OK. Which sound a Lott more than what's being said about the GOP Senate leader. Then there's Sen. Peter Fitzgerald? Plus Lotts more ...

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Hearing and Listening


Jackie Mason's call. How about Kay Bailey Hutchison? Pete Rose's new lawyers -- and final prosecutor. Tyrrell's West Bank reception. Plus lots more.