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Conservatives and Patent Reform Continued: Rick Santorum Responds


Comprehensive patent legislation is bad for small business and entrepreneurship in America, and conservatives should join me in supporting only targeted change to deal with abuse of the system. Gary Shapiro, whose organization represents giant technology companies, declares that H.R. 9, the so-called “Innovation Act,” would “protect small businesses and innovation… through transparency” in patent litigation. But Shapiro’s critique of my views misses the point entirely: H.R. 9 would have serious unintended implications for an entire innovation ecosystem in which small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.

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Is American Free Enterprise Poised to Rule Space?


America Aced in Space,” by Hal G.P. Colebatch (TAS, December 29, 2014) is an ill-conceived piece that doesn’t touch the most powerful force in space today — commercial efforts, the vast majority created, nurtured, and built by U.S. entrepreneurs. I cannot hope to correct Mr. Colebatch’s incorrect assertions in 700 words or less, but I can at least partially educate readers on the power of old-fashioned entrepreneurship.

It is factually wrong for Colebatch to say the United States “now depends on Russian rockets to get personnel and supplies to the International Space Station.… The American space program has become hostage to an increasingly surly and unfriendly Russia, whose commitment to supply and service the ISS only lasts to 2016, after which it will have the U.S. over a barrel.”

We’ll ignore the fact that surly and unfriendly Russia is committed to International Space Station (ISS) operations until at least 2020— not 2016.

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Winning or Whining With the Tea Party in 2014?

By and 10.4.14

David Catron took to these pages Monday to excoriate conservatives and tea partiers for GOP losses in November, you know, the November that is still over a month away. Why would he do this? Well, after using every dirty trick in the book to make sure the establishment candidates won their primaries this year, those much-vaunted incumbents aren’t faring as well against their Democrat opponents as we were all promised. So naturally, establishment hacks and their BFF’s are dabbling in a little battlefield preparation.

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Pro-Semitism Is Flourishing

By 8.14.14

Ben Stein has shared this letter he received from a dear friend in Missouri:

Dear Ben,

I read of your most justifiable concerns about growing anti-Semitism, so I thought I’d warm your heart with some reports of pro-Semitism. Forgive me if this is sort of long, but pretend it’s an article in the Spectator.

Since 1997, John and I have been serving with a ministry called Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, aka Billye Brim Ministries, an extremely pro-Israel organization. Billye Brim has been leading tours to Israel for decades. Because of her well-known pro-Israel activism, in the late 1990s she was approached by Rani Levy, the son of Col. Yehuda Levy, who had been the president, publisher, and editor of the Jerusalem Post, as you probably know. Rani brought Billye information on a rare piece of property for sale in Israel, in Migdol on the Sea of Galilee. Rani said he thought the ministry was supposed to have it. Billye agreed, the property was purchased, and there are plans to build a study center there, called Prayer Mountain in the Galilee. Here are three related pro-Semitic items:

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The Wall Street Journal Responds


Regarding Daniel Flynn's column today.

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Greening the Pentagon


Who says the Pentagon's green-energy initiatives are politically motivated? An exchange.

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A Reply to My Commenters

By 1.15.13

Why tear down an Obama critic who acknowledged voting for him?

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UNESCO: Love It and Don’t Leave It


In defense of the UN's "rogue agency" -- letters from the U.S. ambassador, and others, with a reply by Joseph A. Harriss.

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Walk Back Live


So much for Democrat economic illiteracy?

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In the Heat of the Right


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