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The Public Policy

A Return to Keynes?

By 10.15.13

In the name of reducing unemployment Janet Yellen will keep unemployment high.

The Public Policy

Five Steps for a Larger Economic Pie

By and 10.14.13

A short, sweet, and simple recipe for economic growth and job creation.

The Public Policy

Five Steps for a Larger Economic Pie

By 10.11.13

Fewer than 100 years ago, as recently as 1929, federal, state, and local government in the United States taxed and spent only 10 cents out of every dollar, seven cents at the state and local level and three cents in Washington. Today Washington taxes and spends 25 cents out of every dollar (though 40 percent of this money is borrowed), and state and local government takes 15 cents, for a grand total of 40 percent of GDP. Add in compliance and out-of-pocket costs of federal regulations, estimated at $1.8 trillion annually, and government is costing us 50% of our income.

50 percent of GDP is well in excess of the 18 to 20 percent that economists and researchers worldwide consider the target for a nation that wants to maximize economic growth and job creation. The well-being of every citizen is enhanced and assured when economic growth is maximized: The larger the pie, the more there is for everyone.

Here are five kitchen-cleaning steps that must be taken before we can start serving a larger pie to all Americans.

The Public Policy

Countdown to the Implosion of Obamacare

By 10.4.13

When unions join with conservatives in criticizing legislation, something must be really wrong.

The Public Policy

Destroying Household Jobs

By 10.1.13

If extending the minimum wage to household workers is such a great idea, why not start before the next election?

The Public Policy

Federal Mandarinate Decrees End to Coal

By 9.27.13

The mindless EPA has taken us back to 1970.

The Public Policy

The Regulatory Improvement Commission

By and 9.23.13

A serious effort to repeal dead letter rules and regulations is under way.

The Public Policy

SNAP Out of It

By 9.20.13

The food stamp debate should be about jobs. 

The Public Policy

CBO as Cassandra

By 9.18.13

How bad does it have to get?

The Public Policy

God and the Minimum Wage

By 9.16.13

Labor secretary Tom Perez has assumed the role of God's intermediary.