The Public Policy

The Public Policy

The Real Gas Price Gouger

By 3.15.06

Imagine if you had to fork over 50 cents in taxes for every $1 you spent on groceries.

The Public Policy

Senior Driving

By 3.8.06

As our society ages, prudent steps will need to be taken to assure older drivers are still safe drivers.

The Public Policy

Shoot It or Lose It

By 2.27.06

Environmentalists are perhaps beginning to understand that respecting private property is good for endangered critters.

The Public Policy

Stuck in HSA Denial

By 2.23.06

Democrats won't concede what statistics can't hide: HSAs work, even for the poor.

The Public Policy

Bible Bending Propaganda

By 2.22.06

Was Jesus an early opponent of global warming?

The Public Policy

Health Care’s Missed Appointment

By 1.31.06

The President last night lost an opportunity to defend and expand his health-care initiatives.

The Public Policy

Commission Off a Crime

By 1.26.06

States like Tennessee are now taxing illegal drugs in the name of revenue enhancement.

The Public Policy

Make Speeding Impossible?

By 1.25.06

Once your new car is programmed to go no faster than the posted speed limit, driving will become a nightmare.

The Public Policy

Medicare Marvels

By 1.18.06

The GOP should give the Medicare drug benefit a second look.

The Public Policy

Warming to Efficiency

By 1.17.06

Carbon-dioxide emissions are reportedly at an all time high, but so is the efficiency with which energy is consumed.