The Public Policy

The Public Policy

Tom Coburn Means Business

By 4.24.06

The Small Business Administration's sham artists are learning the hard way.

The Public Policy

Have a Sunny Earth Day

By 4.21.06

Our dynamic economy drives genuine progress on the conservation and environmental protection fronts.

The Public Policy

The Immigration Twist

By 4.14.06

In this dance, there's no substitute for the first step: border control.

The Public Policy

Kyoto Kiddies

By 4.11.06

Environmental Defense's new ad campaign asks us to stop global warming "for the children." Now all they need are facts.

The Public Policy

Three Strikes and You’re … in Like Flint

By 4.10.06

Stirred by its failure to combat crime, Britain is responding by awarding serious criminals with cautions and prosecuting self-defenders.

The Public Policy

Class Clones

By 4.6.06

The pitfalls of horsing around with cloning.

The Public Policy

Time to Reform Sarbanes-Oxley

By 3.29.06

Blaming every other company in the U.S. for the Enron and WorldCom scandals has been a bonanza for accountants and a killer for small companies especially. Congress need to correct a very bad law.

The Public Policy

Liberal Hypocrisy on Medicare

By 3.28.06

If Bush's drug plan reforms were Clinton's, Families USA's Ron Pollack would love them.

The Public Policy

Paris General

By 3.23.06

Forget Canada. The socialized health-care set now wants the U.S. to model itself on France.

The Public Policy

Snowe Jobs

By 3.16.06

The Wydening credibility gap in Senate efforts to "negotiate" drug prices.