The Public Policy

The Public Policy

The Turkey Ballot

By 11.7.06

Yesterday voters lacked one option -- "none of the above." It would have been one way punish Republicans without rewarding Democrats.

The Public Policy

Terminating the Free Market

By 11.5.06

The national implications of Arnold's Drug Plan.

The Public Policy

So Much for the Good Neighbor Policy

By 11.1.06

Not only do the pests at the United Nations not pay their parking fines, they're now trying to prevent U.S. farmers from using an essential pesticide.

The Public Policy

Medicare For All

By 10.30.06

Rep. Pete Stark's AmeriCare super-entitlement is indicative of what awaits if Democrats win back Congress.

The Public Policy

Dr. Russ Feingold on Call

By 10.27.06

If Democrats win, he's ready to prescribe universal health care.

The Public Policy

Strange New Love for “The Blob”

By 10.11.06

Republicans fall in love with the education behemoth they once scorned.

The Public Policy

Incentives Work — The Bush Record

By 10.3.06

It's not one on which Democrats are running.

The Public Policy

Unhealthy Criticism

By 9.29.06

The left is making extra rounds in order to poison consumer-based health care.

The Public Policy

Subsidy Economics 101

By 8.22.06

Passing the buck from generation to generation.

The Public Policy

Hurricane Greed

By 8.16.06

Katrina's sinkhole continues to widen.