The Public Policy

The Public Policy

Mandatory Back-Up Cameras?

By 3.1.07

A parent who needs a TV screen to keep him from running over his children is doing a lousy job raising them.

The Public Policy

What Happened to Miracle Cures?

By 2.27.07

Democratic attempts to control drug prices will stifle innovation and lower quality care.

The Public Policy

A Voucher Victory

By 2.13.07

Utah has given families school choice -- but will it last?

The Public Policy

Gas Guzzlers

By 2.12.07

Overweight Americans are using too much fuel, prompting calls for government to grow with our waistlines.

The Public Policy

No Classroom Left Alone

By 2.8.07

With No Child Left Behind, Republicans unleashed federal bureaucrats on local school systems -- and now face some angry parents.

The Public Policy

Getting Real

By 2.1.07

Maine's state legislature balks at post-9/11 federal driver's license standards -- will its residents ever be allowed on board an airliner again? Or inside a federal building?

The Public Policy

The Immorality of the Minimum Wage

By 1.29.07

Naturally those who forcing others to pay it want to take all moral credit for their selflessness.

The Public Policy

Better Late Than Never

By 1.28.07

On closer inspection, the Bush Health Insurance tax reform proposal is looking better and better.

The Public Policy

The Good, The Pretty Good, and The Ugly

By 1.23.07

On health care and spending, the president made sense. On energy -- watch out. A market-distorting disaster of subsidies and likely corruption.

The Public Policy

Scandal and Disgrace

By 1.17.07

Paul Krugman this year will pull out all stops to impose universal health care.