The Public Policy

The Public Policy

The Anti-Democracy Index

By and 2.8.13

Executive branch agencies make law via regulation with brazen disregard of the Constitution. Can Congress regain its proper role?

The Public Policy

Interior Roundup

By 2.4.13

Whoever replaces interior secretary Ken Salazar won't be any less obscure, unfortunately.

The Public Policy

Whose Welfare?

By 1.30.13

Who really benefits from the Indian Child Welfare Act?

The Public Policy

Do Gun Control Laws Control Guns?

By 1.22.13

Or are they the real killer?

The Public Policy

Off Target

By 1.16.13

The White House's gun control agenda would not have prevented the Sandy Hook Massacre.

The Public Policy

Liberalism Versus Blacks

By 1.15.13

Liberals take positions that make them look good and feel good -- and show very little interest in the actual consequences.

The Public Policy

‘Forward’ to the Past?

By 12.20.12

Obama remains oblivious to lessons China and India learned the hard way.

The Public Policy

Fewer Guns, More Crime

By 12.19.12

It is time to put liberal posturing aside.

The Public Policy

Invincible Ignorance

By 12.18.12

Anti-gun zealots continue to deny the facts.

The Public Policy

Taxing the Poor

By 12.11.12

Inflation is the meanest tax -- and it even affects welfare benefits in cruel ways.