Political Hay

Political Hay

Too Much of Nothing

By 2.15.04

Larry David captures the new liberal line on service in Vietnam.

Political Hay

Kerry All Grown Up

By 2.12.04

During the Clinton impeachment he laid the groundwork for the defense of his own "zone of privacy."

Political Hay

Leave No Iowa Pork Child Behind

By 2.11.04

Who needs a lottery when you’ve got Congress playing Music Man? Thank you, Senator Grassley.

Political Hay

The Antiwar War Hero

By 2.10.04

A Vietnam vet like John Kerry who describes the war as criminal inadvertently draws attention to his own actions.

Political Hay

Advantage: Kerry

By 2.9.04

One thing the Bush campaign should understand: John F. Kerry is not going to repeat the mistakes of the Mondales and Dukakis’s.

Political Hay

Meet President Bush

By 2.8.04

He did just fine yesterday on Russert. Plus his White House uses the Internet a lot better than Howie Dean ever did.

Political Hay

Democrats Taste Blood

By 2.5.04

And they love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Political Hay

Two John Night

By 2.3.04

Or two Johns too many.

Political Hay

Mommy Democrats

By 2.2.04

The Presidential election of 2004 is shaping up to be a referendum on the legitimacy of American power.

Political Hay

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

By 2.1.04

The Botox Boy’s special relationship with special interests.