Political Hay

Political Hay

Al in the Balance

By 12.10.03

For Al Gore, the real quagmire isn’t Iraq, but his position in the Democratic Party.

Political Hay

Hats Off to Senator Frist

By 12.9.03

The Senate majority leader has been the most effective Republican leader since Everett Dirksen.

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Kerry Jumps Off the Deep End

By 12.8.03

It’s finally happened. Howard Dean has driven John Kerry insane.

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Queer Eye for a Great Guy

By 12.4.03

Showtimes’s The Reagans is no threat to conservatives, confirming as it does how irrelevant the liberals have become.

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Remembering JFK: A Postscript

By 12.3.03

In two key areas -- totalitarianism and tax cuts -- JFK wasn’t even a liberal by the standards of his time, let alone ours.

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Memo to Gov. Warner: Sixty-Five Spells Defeat

By 12.1.03

Virginia's taxing governor seems never to have heard of Alabama.

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Clinton By the Book

By 11.27.03

Our turkey of an Ex-Prez treats us to his faves.

Political Hay

Supply-Spend Economics

By 11.25.03

Bush Republicans have traded in their Reaganite soul for power.

Political Hay

Make Way for Moore

By 11.20.03

Here comes the Ten Commandments judge -- and his enemies think they have a cheap way to stop him.

Political Hay

Britain Bugged by Bush

By 11.19.03

Where does the vitriol come from?