Political Hay

Political Hay

The Blame Lame

By 3.9.04

Democrats these days feel more at home on the lunatic fringe.

Political Hay

Stuck With Kerry

By 3.3.04

Democrats have themselves a candidate. Can't you feel the excitement?

Political Hay

What’s With Lugar?

By 3.1.04

Jesse Helms’ successor as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is suddenly, and mysteriously, acting out of character.

Political Hay

Chicken Hawke Celebrities

By 2.26.04

A scrawny tribe whose identity would collapse if it didn’t have George W. Bush to hate.

Political Hay

The Kerry ERA

By 2.25.04

Today John Kerry warns against amending the U.S. Constitution -- just the opposite of what he said when he promoted the Equal Rights Amendment, which, incidentally, would have permitted same-sex marriage.

Political Hay

Let’s See the Memos

By 2.24.04

And let the chips fall in the Senate Judiciary Committee's "Memogate."

Political Hay

Public Citizen Number One

By 2.23.04

Ralph Nader will do just fine this year, because he knows how to take losses.

Political Hay

A Terrific Mayor

By 2.22.04

So says Gov. Arnie about San Francisco’s top Democrat who, unlike national San Francisco Democrats, isn’t afraid to go the whole nine yards on gay marriage.

Political Hay

Boston Tea Party

By 2.18.04

How a state legislature ended up taking orders from the unelected branch -- and they�re not even married.

Political Hay

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

By 2.17.04

And so long as John Edwards proves to have greater appeal among independents.