Political Hay

Political Hay

John Sanger Kerry

By 4.1.04

Finally an issue Kerry never flip-flops on.

Political Hay

Ralph S. Louse

By 3.31.04

Coming this weekend, the summit of summits: Kerry vs. Nader.

Political Hay

The President’s Funny Factor

By 3.30.04

There’s no humoring the vilely dishonest press. Will it revisit Kerry’s assassination joke?

Political Hay

Wagging the President

By 3.29.04

Why didn’t Clinton bomb bin Laden after the attack on the USS Cole? "Let's understand the context."

Political Hay

Weasel a Happy Tune

By 3.24.04

If he's lucky, Richard Clarke will enjoy 15 days of fame. Not bad for the greatest public servant since Craig Livingston.

Political Hay

Kansas City Kerry

By 3.23.04

His Vietnam past keeps popping up, but don’t expect Republicans to capitalize.

Political Hay

Authentic Heels

By 3.21.04

Democrat anger and hate isn’t calculated, but an honest display of sheer madness.

Political Hay

The Treason Temptation

By 3.17.04

In their growing disdain for their own country Democrats increasingly rely on foreign opinion -- and think this won't cost them politically.

Political Hay

John Dean Kerry

By 3.16.04

If his voice weren’t shot you would probably hear him screaming as he implodes.

Political Hay

The Bolshevik in Kerry

By 3.10.04

Redistributionist at home, lefty appeaser abroad. It's all in his record.