Political Hay

Political Hay

An Equal Opportunity to Die

By 7.2.04

Will it make any difference if Zarqawi’s network targets American servicewomen?

Political Hay

Coalition of the Wild-Eyed

By 7.1.04

Is it still a two-party system when one of the parties has gone over the edge?

Political Hay

Blood for Power

By 6.30.04

For Democrats, the simplest path to winning in November is losing in Iraq.

Political Hay

War by Judicial Review

By 6.29.04

Is this a great liberal country or what, extending full constitutional protections to jihadists who would destroy the Constitution and all its adherents.

Political Hay

Bush in Trouble

By 6.28.04

Why his lousy poll numbers? Ask some disillusioned conservative Republicans.

Political Hay

If the Brown Shirt Fits

By 6.25.04

Al Gore has much to answer for.

Political Hay

Trust Fund Babies

By 6.24.04

Opponents of Social Security reform think they have a new weapon.

Political Hay

My Demons

By 6.23.04

Rendered helpless by them Clinton needed an exorcist, not an independent counsel.

Political Hay

Send in the Lions

By 6.22.04

The New York Times and NPR want Christians out of politics if they're trending Republican.

Political Hay

A Collaborative Big Lie

By 6.18.04

If terrorists deny having links to Iraq, Bush critics are happy to believe them ahead of the U.S. President.