Political Hay

Political Hay

The One-Armed Bandit

By 5.20.04

That’s what Seattle liberals are calling Tim Eyman, tax-cutting initiative king.

Political Hay

“A Wider Loyalty”

By 5.17.04

Progressively speaking, it’s the stuff of Kerryism.

Political Hay

Wedding Bell Blunders

By 5.14.04

At the stroke of midnight, Monday morning, Massachusetts will issue its first gay marriage licenses.

Political Hay

Wonder Bread or Blue Collar?

By 5.13.04

The White House struggles to maintain the GOP as the party of white-bread suburbia -- meaning, all quiet on the social issues front.

Political Hay

The Abu Ghraib Collection

By 5.12.04

Jesse Helms would certainly be surprised at the moral horror on display these days in the Senate.

Political Hay

What Really Matters

By 5.11.04

Whose war is it anyway? Bush’s? Or America’s?

Political Hay

2004: A Sexual Space Odyssey

By 5.7.04

What once was a men-are-dogs satirical cartoon in feminist magazines is now a photo on the front page of newspapers.

Political Hay

Medicare Mendacity

By 5.5.04

Everyone always knew the Medicare prescription drug bill would cost tons more than officially projected. So why the recriminations against those who pretended otherwise?

Political Hay

Kerry’s Empty Secret

By 5.4.04

Welcome to the latest baby-boomer solipsist.

Political Hay

Smealing Hughes

By 4.29.04

By taking offense at a comment not directed at them, advocates of abortion stumbled into associating themselves with terrorists.