Political Hay

Political Hay

Send in the Lions

By 6.22.04

The New York Times and NPR want Christians out of politics if they're trending Republican.

Political Hay

A Collaborative Big Lie

By 6.18.04

If terrorists deny having links to Iraq, Bush critics are happy to believe them ahead of the U.S. President.

Political Hay

Be Nice to Liberals Day

By 6.17.04

This time compassionate conservatism has gone too far.

Political Hay

Year of the Taxing RINO

By 6.16.04

All over the country Republican governors and state legislators are raising taxes and allowing Democrats here and there to play the anti-taxer.

Political Hay

Reaganomics Helped the Poor

By 6.15.04

Another liberal myth goes down the drain of history.

Political Hay

Liberalizing His Legacy

By 6.10.04

Do liberals not understand why Ronald Reagan opposed life-destroying Communism?

Political Hay

Instant Revisionists

By 6.9.04

Ronald Reagan has been gone only a few days, and already the left is trying to rewrite history.

Political Hay

Reagan’s Useful Idiot

By 6.8.04

Actually, Mikhail Gorbachev has become totally useless, other than to the New York Times.

Political Hay

Your Mother’s Army

By 6.4.04

John Kerry has found himself a chairwoman for his Joint Chiefs.

Political Hay

Too Close to Call

By 6.2.04

Yesterday’s special House election in South Dakota clarified only one thing -- Tom Daschle could lose.