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Political Hay

Ted Cruz Wins: The Shutdown Worked

By 11.11.14

“There is no possibility of a government shutdown. Remember me? I’m the guy that gets us out of government shutdowns,”
— Soon-to-be-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to Time magazine

The lefties over at Think Progress were elated.

It was September 30, 2013, and they thought they had the GOP right where they wanted it as Texas Senator Ted Cruz plowed ahead with the idea of defunding Obamacare — an action that caused Democrats to promptly shut down the government — and blame not just Cruz but the Republican Party. The whole event was giving prominent Republicans in and out of office the political willies. 

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Regulating Campaign Spending: The Democratic Drumbeat Continues

By 11.10.14

We ought to be debating the fact that corporations are now controlling not only the Republican Party, but the government of the United States.”
Howard (“Screamin’”) Dean, November 9, Meet the Press

“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”
Hillary (“What Difference Does It Make”) Clinton, October 24, Boston

54-42, Senate Democrats vote in favor of S.J. Resolution 19, to gut the First Amendment, September 11
reported by Mark Pfiefle on this page

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Conservative Leaders Challenge GOP Congress

By 11.6.14

The American people spoke loud and clear: stop Obama. Period. What they delivered Tuesday night was an unmitigated defeat for liberalism. They want Obamacare repealed, the economy unchained, and amnesty opposed. Among other things.

Yet with planted news stories from GOP establishment operatives in both the Washington Post and the New York Times the idea was being spread that this overwhelming rejection of liberals was in fact a victory for the very ruling class mindset that was explicitly campaigned against by all those Republican winners.

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Can You Imagine a President Lindsey Graham?

By 11.5.14

Less than a week before Election Day 2014, Democrats in South Carolina finally got what they’ve long been waiting for: proof that dirt on Senator Lindsey Graham does, indeed, exist. No one expected it to affect his re-election, but the glimpse into Graham’s unscripted life was noteworthy nonetheless. The big secret? That the venerable senator from South Carolina apparently has his eye on bigger and better things.

The public may or may not be inclined to take Graham at his word when he says that he was just being “earthy” when he told a group of white males in Charleston recently that “I’m trying to help you with your tax status. I’m sorry the government’s so f---ed up. If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.”

According to the tape provided to CNN by “two separate South Carolina Democrats,” his audience laughed. The rest of South Carolina did too — at the idea of a President Lindsey Graham.

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Calling All Married Women — VOTE ON TUESDAY!

By 10.30.14

Not only have women been a majority of the voters in recent elections (53% in 2012), they also kept President Obama in the Oval Office (55% of those women — nearly 30% of all voters — voted for President Obama in 2012). Obviously, women — specifically, unmarried women — decided the 2012 election.

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And There They Go Again — Liberals Play the Race Card

By 10.23.14

There they go again indeed, right on schedule. From MSNBC to the Georgia Senate election to a memo from an ex-Obama pollster, the age-old race card has reared its ugly head again.

The difference this time? An increasing number of Americans, some of them prominent, are calling out the perpetrators.

Let’s start with MSNBC. Take a look at this from Bill O’Reilly who opened his Fox show the other night with a clip from — where else? — Chris Matthews’s Hardball. As Matthews sits on-camera quietly sipping something from a cup during a discussion on Ebola and ISIS, MSNBC regular Howard Fineman, once upon a time of the late Newsweek and now of the Huffington Post, calmly plays the race card. “Can I mention race here?” Fineman asks Matthews, who of course answers in the affirmative: “You may.” And off they go:

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Two Weeks and Too Weak

By 10.23.14

Less than two weeks from November 4, Obama’s support is looking too weak to avoid another midterm defeat. Four years ago, Obama led Democrats to a loss of six Senate seats, 65 House seats, and loss of the House of Representatives. While November’s election has been slow to take shape, a Republican advantage is now becoming clear. 

Even taken at its best, Obama’s standing in the polls hardly heartens Democrats. Obama appears to be close to where he stood four years ago. Within the numbers, things are even worse.

According to Rasmussen nationwide polling released October 20, Obama’s total disapproval was 52 percent and his total approval was 46 percent. Those totals almost exactly match his standing in a 10/20/12 Rasmussen poll — 52 percent disapproval and 47 percent approval. That such seemingly close numbers four years ago still led to a midterm thrashing is bad news for the president’s party.

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A Time for Choosing at 50

By 10.21.14

October 27, 1964. Fifty years ago. It was a Tuesday night, one week from election day. As the Johnson-Goldwater campaign wound to its end, with Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society liberalism he was championing poised to win in a landslide over GOP nominee Senator Barry Goldwater, Americans turned on their television sets to see one last political commercial. They quickly discovered a very familiar face in a very unfamiliar setting.

Actor Ronald Reagan, longtime movie and TV star, newly the host and occasional star of Death Valley Days, a weekly TV series based on the old West, was introduced by an off-screen voice for a “thoughtful address” sponsored by the Goldwater campaign. Suddenly, there was actor Reagan (here) standing behind a bunting-draped podium in front of a live audience. Within seconds, Reagan was on his way to changing American history. He began as follows:

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Who Says You Need a Doctor to Fight Ebola?

By 10.20.14

Perhaps it’s not surprising coming from our first Community Organizer president that the trait the administration claims is most needed in an “Ebola czar” — not that it’s been shown that such a position needs to be created in the first place — is, as Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health put it, “somebody who’s a good organizer.”

It’s been proven that rabble-rousing on the South Side of Chicago does not qualify one to lead anything more significant than a golf foursome (though you have to give Obama credit for spending his time doing what he’s best at, showing a clear understanding of the principle of comparative advantage).

Similarly, one wonders just what the newly named czar, Ron Klain, has “organized” that should give the American people confidence that the most incompetent administration in modern U.S. history is doing what needs to be done to keep citizens safe from a virus that the media is turning into the biggest medical scare since the Spanish Flu.

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John Warner and the Ratchet Republicans

By 10.16.14

John Warner. Susan Collins. Chris Christie. The first a longtime GOP Senator from Virginia, now retired. The second the senior GOP Senator from Maine. The third the GOP Governor of New Jersey who doubles as chairman of the Republican Governors Association. And all three symbols of exactly what troubles the Republican Party, even as liberalism and its policies have led the nation and the globe into chaos.

First, the Virginia Senate race: the Republican nominee is Ed Gillespie, a Washington lobbyist, ex-White House aide, and one-time chairman of the Republican National Committee. Gillespie is hardly a fire-breathing far right-winger. Todd Akin he is not. If anything, in the establishment versus Tea Party divide that so preoccupies the media, Gillespie is the Establishment to a T. 

So one would assume that former Virginia Republican Senator John Warner, whose old seat is up for election this year, would be out there rallying to Gillespie’s side in the battle against Democrat Mark Warner (no relation).