The Obama Watch

The Obama Watch

Criticism Is Racism

By 9.17.09

What's missing in these patronizingly pro-Obama claims? For starters, proof.

The Obama Watch

Unhinged from Reality

By 9.16.09

How can President Obama possibly get away with spouting so many shameless falsehoods to the entire nation?

The Obama Watch

Can Obama Inspire on Afghanistan?

By 9.14.09

Or better yet, why won't he?

The Obama Watch

Ironed Out

By 9.11.09

What President Obama considers "details."

The Obama Watch

There He Goes Again

By 9.9.09

The real lesson from Obama's school speech.

The Obama Watch

Had Enough? Obama’s John Mitchell Strategy

By 9.8.09

Van Jones incident pulls back curtain on Nixon maneuver as Obama speaks.

The Obama Watch

The War on Watchdogs

By From the September 2009 issue

Inspectors general fight for independence, while Obama brings the "Chicago Way" to Washington.

The Obama Watch

Obama and the CIA: Making the Terrorists’ Day

By 9.2.09

Playing politics with America's defenses and settling scores with its defenders.

The Obama Watch

Greenwashing 9/11

By 9.1.09

Green for All's free-for-all, so to speak, all in the name of national service.

The Obama Watch

America’s Record Recession

By 8.26.09

The failure of Keynesian economics reconfirmed as never before -- not that any of it will register with our president.