The Obama Watch

The Obama Watch

A Clear and Present Danger

By 9.30.09

How Barack Obama endangers you and your family.

The Obama Watch

The Splashdown of the Obama Presidency

By 9.29.09

Happy Days is here again.

The Obama Watch

America Cops to the World

By 9.28.09

He who is without sin always casts the first stone.

The Obama Watch

Polonius POTUS

By 9.25.09

The president who speaks (and speaks and speaks).

The Obama Watch

Obama’s Health Care Bait and Switch

By 9.24.09

Obamacare ain't what it used to be.

The Obama Watch

A War Too Rough

By 9.22.09

Obama's Afghanistan War problem in a nutshell.

The Obama Watch

Criticism Is Racism

By 9.17.09

What's missing in these patronizingly pro-Obama claims? For starters, proof.

The Obama Watch

Unhinged from Reality

By 9.16.09

How can President Obama possibly get away with spouting so many shameless falsehoods to the entire nation?

The Obama Watch

Can Obama Inspire on Afghanistan?

By 9.14.09

Or better yet, why won't he?

The Obama Watch

Ironed Out

By 9.11.09

What President Obama considers "details."