The Obama Watch

The Obama Watch

Obamanomics’ Backlash Stimulus

By 11.10.09

The U.S. economy has lost 2.7 million jobs since passage of the $787 billion "stimulus" package.

The Obama Watch

Patriotic Gore

By 10.30.09

Banks, our president says, have a patriotic duty to spread the wealth around.

The Obama Watch

Determined to Decline

By 10.28.09

Part 2, in a never-ending nightmare.

The Obama Watch

Obama’s Real Enemies List

By 10.26.09

Ever expanding and the product of long-festering resentments and grievances.

The Obama Watch

The Obama Administration’s Inner Mao

By 10.22.09

Perhaps Dunn meant to say that he is one of her favorite media strategists.

The Obama Watch

President Obama Chooses Decline for America

By 10.21.09

Today, in Part I, we focus on his determination to diminish America as a great power.

The Obama Watch

Buying Barack

By 10.16.09

The Norwegian Nobel Committee would end up waiting for Godot if it expected Obama to "accomplish" anything.

The Obama Watch

Don’t Ask, Then Tell

By 10.15.09

Obama listens to his political advisers, not soldiers or chaplains.

The Obama Watch

The Friend of My Enemy Is Who?

By 10.14.09

The only thing we have to fear is that not one of the world's bad guys fears Obama himself.

The Obama Watch

Revenge of the Norwegian Nerds

By 10.12.09

Pax Obama in our time.