The Obama Watch

The Obama Watch

Official Hot Air

By 12.1.09

Off he goes, to make American weaker and less sovereign.

The Obama Watch

Community Organizer in Chief

By 11.30.09

Our president has as much of a problem with the experience he has as with the experience he lacks.

The Obama Watch

Thankful for Obama

By 11.25.09

All signs are pointing toward a monumental collapse in public support for the president and his party.

The Obama Watch

Welcome Back, Carter

By 11.24.09

How soon before President Obama joins Jimmy Carter as a winner of the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize?

The Obama Watch

Imperial Hypocrisy

By 11.23.09

You can't say we weren't warned ahead of time.

The Obama Watch

Obama in Wonderland

By 11.20.09

The Mad Hatter's approach to the war on terror.

The Obama Watch

Obama’s Off-Shore Banking

By 11.19.09

In Asia, he plays pander bear and last emperor.

The Obama Watch

American Buffoon

By 11.18.09

Pity the clown who doesn't know he's one.

The Obama Watch

State Verses Khalid Sheik Muhammad

By 11.16.09

A disaster of Biblical proportions.

The Obama Watch

The Man Who Despises America

By 11.11.09

And everyone knows it.