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The Obama Watch

I’m Not Proud That We Elected Obama

By 12.22.14

In an interview that was broadcast last night on 60 Minutes, retiring Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn proclaimed, “I’m proud of our country for electing Barack Obama.”

Senator Coburn is to be admired for his years as a watchdog on the spending habits of Congress and bureaucrats in the federal government. While I was certainly well aware of Coburn’s friendship with Obama, which developed when they were in the Senate, I am nevertheless disappointed to hear that he is proud this country elected Barack Obama to the White House.

Senator Coburn might very well love Barack Obama as a man and with it the content of his character. Alas, I do not love Barack Obama much less admire his character. I’m not proud that we elected Barack Obama to be President of the United States.

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Cuba Quizás, Yankee Quizás

By 12.19.14

The world has come a long way since the chant during the Cold War, “Cuba Sí, Yankee No.” Now it could be better written and translated into English as “Cuba Maybe, Yankee Maybe.” But President Obama has picked yet another fight.

Sidestepping Congress as with immigration policy and modifications to Obamacare, the president has used the element of surprise to begin restoration of relations with Cuba, a nation treated as a pariah for over fifty years. As that country has been designated as a supporter of terrorism by the Department of State, it would have been wiser to allow Congress to vet the wisdom of restoring relations with Cuba — an ally of Russia and previously the Soviet Union for decades.

Still reeling from a humiliating defeat of his party in the polls and the capture of the Senate by Republicans, the president is trying to reassert himself and construct an agenda that he thinks he can control. He has certainly caught the opposition off balance.  Like immigration, the White House may try to position this as an effort to economically benefit the Latino population, although Cuban-Americans are comparatively affluent with an emphasis on the professions.

The Obama Watch

Is He Out of His Narcissistic Mind?

By 12.1.14

There is nothing like watching politicians utter the naked truth. So rare it defies belief. Like Cidinha Campos, the blunt Brazilian Congresswoman from Rio de Janeiro, who points the finger at the bad political apples with justified and refreshing outrage. The late Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant had nothing on her.

It is worth watching Brazil’s Campos for a few minutes on the floor of the Brazilian Chamber before reading the brief translations (here). Referring to a corrupt congressman who did himself in, while citing specific violations of legal codes, she said:

I want to discuss those who shamelessly take from the public purse.

He is more corrupt than his politician father. Corruption is in the DNA of our politicians instead of being addressed by the legal system.

This corrupt thief appointed himself to the Treasury. I see their cynicism. The more corrupt they are, the more simpatico they come across to people.

The Obama Watch

The New Con: Law Professors for Executive Amnesty

By 11.25.14

Call it a White House con game. The Obama administration is rolling out a list of law professors in support of the president’s executive order giving amnesty to five million illegal immigrants. The Hill reports:

The White House worked to bolster the legal case for President Obama’s immigration action Thursday night, releasing a letter from a group of prominent legal scholars arguing that the president’s moves were within his legal authorities.

The group included three law professors from the University of Chicago — where the president taught constitutional law before his election — as well as Columbia University President Lee Bollinger and renowned Harvard constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe.

The Obama Watch

Found: 30,000 Emails That the IRS Overlooked

By 11.25.14

Never take a liar at his (or her) word. It’s been five months since the IRS said they couldn’t recover Lois Lerner’s emails from her hard drive, and that other backup systems probably wouldn’t turn up anything either. Just weeks ago, Judicial Watch discovered that the IRS hadn’t actually tried to recover those backups.

Now, the Treasury Department’s inspector general of tax administration has finally done what the IRS refused to—actually look at the disaster recovery backup tapes. And surprise, surprise! They recovered data that could include thirty thousand emails to and from Lois Lerner between 2009 and 2011.

We knew they weren’t gone forever.

The Obama Watch

Obama on Ferguson and Jerusalem

By 11.20.14

In Ferguson, Missouri, where the facts of the police shooting that killed Michael Brown have yet to be presented by the grand jury, an entire community braces for violence if the “wrong” decision is announced. While waiting, the Obama administration huddled with those who have a history of inciting racial violence and are heading to Ferguson.

In Jerusalem, where the bloody trail of Jihad streams from a synagogue, the response of the Obama administration is to play the moral equivalency card between Palestinians and Israel.

The contrast could not be more stark — or more telling.

First Ferguson: As headlined at The Gateway Pundit reports:

The Obama Watch

The Name’s the Same — Aptronyms

By 11.18.14

Richie Richman is a name that perfectly describes the well-heeled financial position of Mr. Richman. It’s like the name match of Tom Crapper, the man who many credit with inventing the toilet. 

In fact, Mr. Crapper was a plumber who founded Thomas Crapper & Company in London and invented the ballcock, or float value, a mechanism that increased the efficiency of the flush toilet by avoiding an overflow or (in the event of inadequate water pressure) a backflow. 

Two other people with well-fitting names are Bernie Madoff, who made off with billions from defrauded investors, and Anthony Weiner, who left politics after sexting unseemly selfies and engaging in explicit online chats under the name “Carlos Danger.”

By way of definition, a person’s name that is regarded as amusingly appropriate to their occupation or passion is called an aptronym.

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Barack Obama and the Art of the Deal

By 11.17.14

The real Joe Stalin turned up at the Potsdam Conference: not benign Uncle Joe, but the murderous dictator — a bully brimming with malice. Old newsreel footage captures an act of startling rudeness. In a show of truculence and disrespect toward his wartime allies, Stalin strides into the conference room and tosses his briefcase onto the table where Truman and Churchill are seated.

Everything had been breaking Stalin’s way in the ten weeks that had passed from Germany’s surrender on May 7 to July 17, 1945, the first day of the conference. While American forces pulled out of Europe and headed for the Pacific, Stalin still had most of his 2 million-strong Red Army stationed in a long line from the Baltic to the Adriatic.

The Soviet Union had overrun most of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. What was to stop it from conquering Western Europe, including Britain? If there was anything that Stalin needed to complete the task, it was a credible navy.

One of the topics on the agenda at Potsdam happened to be the fate of the German fleet.

The Obama Watch

Iran Appeasers in Bed With Obama: The Truman Project Unmasked

By 11.13.14

The mask is off. What do Eric Bolling of Fox News and President Obama’s strategy on Iran have in common? Answer: the Truman National Security Project. A few weeks back in this space (“The Hit Job on Fox News”) it was revealed that an arrogant, huffy letter from veterans demanding an apology from Bolling was in fact a setup. Left unrevealed by the letter’s sponsor — the Truman National Security Project — many of the signers in question were in fact Democratic Party or liberal special interest activists.

This is not, but of course, how the Truman Project presents itself. The impression given by its website is that it is just another independent-no-alliances-out-there think tank. In its own words, the Truman National Security Project puts itself out there as part of a

growing movement [that] is supported by Americans from every state and walk of life, dedicated to service, a set of common values, and a shared vision of America’s role in today’s world.

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The Silent Majority?

By 11.12.14

Last week President Obama consoled himself after his party suffered heavy losses by noting that “two-thirds” of voters didn’t show up to the polls. Obama presented himself as the voice of this nonvoting silent majority. He had “heard” them. Through telepathy apparently, he knows that they want him to continue his failed progressive agenda.

Richard Nixon once claimed a “silent majority” for himself too. But he never had the audacity to suggest its members didn’t vote. Nixon’s silent majority voted but didn’t protest. Obama’s apparently protests but doesn’t vote.

Obama may have set a new precedent for politicians on the losing side of an election. They can now poison the results by suggesting all the people who didn’t vote disapprove of them. Almost four out of ten voters didn’t vote in Obama’s election in 2008. But back then he wasn’t in the mood to listen to nonvoters. He was too busy promising a “fundamental” transformation of the country. As the most inspirational politician of his generation, he was going to usher in an era of maximum political participation.