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The Obama Watch

If He Goes, Censure Him

By 10.7.15

If President Barack Obama follows through on his threat to visit Roseburg, Oregon later this week the House must pass a resolution of censure before he gets off Air Force One.

Call the president’s planned trip to the site of the Umpqua Community College shootings last week the straw that broke the camel’s back, if you will. But his announcement Monday evening that he was going to Roseburg, after prominent individuals including the publisher of the local newspaper had made it clear he was not welcome there as a result of his statements following the shootings, display a crass disregard for the wishes of the American people which must be met with some official response.

Obama didn’t even wait until the bodies were cold in Roseburg, or worse, for all of the next of kin to be notified, before launching into what originally appeared to be the usual noisy harangue about gun control. That was to be expected; after all, the president has well-earned his repute as the worst of the gun-grabbing ghouls of the Left, greedily feeding as he does on every tragic mass shooting to fuel his animus for the Second Amendment.

The Obama Watch

Things Happen

By 10.5.15

While the Administration quibbles with the Russians about whether they are attacking the bad guys or the good guys in Syria, the U.S. was busy attacking a Doctors Without Borders medical facility in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The air attack occurred in the early hours of Saturday, October 3, and lasted about 30 minutes. Nine Doctors Without Borders staff are dead and at least 37 are seriously wounded. And the casualty count has only just begun.

The Obama Watch

President Obama’s Faith

By 10.1.15

At a recent town hall rally for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, an obnoxious attendee suggested that Obama is a Muslim. 

Though some suspect this Trump supporter to be a progressive activist planted to stir up controversy, twenty-nine percent of Americans continue to question Obama’s true religious allegiances. Some think he’s Muslim; thirty-nine percent think he’s Christian.

Though the media consistently uses this suspicion as a political tool to marginalize Republican and conservative voters and politicians, the only person to blame for the continuing suspicion of Obama’s religious faith is President Obama.

The Obama Watch

Bully’s Pulpit

By 9.25.15

Teapots are mostly obsolete these days, but they cling to a vestigial utility in Washington, D.C., where they are used to house tempests. The large-T Shakespearean Tempests still play out on grand stages, but the small-t picayune peccadilloes prefer the contained atmosphere of the teapot.

The latest such imbroglio to engage the cognoscenti involves Donald Trump and his failure to tell some boob in New Hampshire that President Obama is not a Muslim. This critique is leveled, oddly enough, by the same folks who assure us that Muslims are our most outstanding citizens. Astonishingly, at the very same time they accuse Trump of allowing the President to be slandered as a Muslim, they berate Ben Carson for claiming that being Muslim is a detriment to a President. If you can unravel that twisted skein of logic, you are a better man than I, Charlie Brown.

The Obama Watch

How Obama and Hillary Minimize September 11th

By 9.10.15

It is a fairly safe bet that President Obama and Hillary Clinton will mark the 14th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 with kind words for those who perished in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and their families. They will make a point of singling out the police and firefighters who lost their lives in the Twin Towers. They will also tell us that those responsible for the attacks do not in any way represent Islam. Upon uttering the usual platitudes they will move on to the next thing.

The Obama Watch

Where Were the Polar Bears?

By 9.8.15

Am I the only one who finds it incongruous that President Obama, when on a carefully choreographed trip to Alaska, even manning his own Instagram account to engage young people, to spotlight the effects of global warming—which he says is happening “right now”—announced the accelerated acquisition of ice breakers? During his trip, he told Alaskans that by the end of this century, Alaska will see “warming of between 6 and 12 degrees,” which he explained: “means more melting.” Six to 12 degrees is a lot of warming, therefore, a lot of melting—which would seem to require fewer ice breakers not more.

The Obama Watch

McKinley Who?

By 9.2.15

If you’d mentioned the name of the 25th president before this week, that’s the answer you would have gotten from about everyone except some Ohioans and the residents of a small California city (more about them later).

President Obama changed all that with his announcement that the nation’s highest peak, Mt. McKinley, would be officially renamed “Denali” by his secretary of the interior. Never mind that a 1917 Act of Congress had designated it as “Mt. McKinley.” As we know, Acts of Congress don’t matter when Obama’s working on his most important priority, his “legacy.”

He was on his way to a three-day visit to Alaska to tout his global warming agenda and said, in effect, to Alaskans, “Buy into my climate change blather and I’ll give you ‘Denali.’” They did and he did. “Denali” (“Great Mountain”) is the name native Alaskans have used for the peak for ages. Some years ago, the National Park Service named the park in which it sets, Denali National Park. In daily reference both names for the mountain often have been used side by side.

The Obama Watch

The President’s Clean Energy Farce

By 8.31.15

President Obama’s Clean Energy Summit last week was a farce and a flop, rivaled only by the mythical theatrical productions of Bialystock & Bloom. However, after enduring Obama’s speech at the Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center in Las Vegas last Monday, no one was heard humming, in the manner of Matthew Broderick’s accountant-cum-show business-impresario character Max Bloom, “I want to be a producer” of alternative energies. And there certainly isn’t going to be a revival of the show on the strip there any time soon.

Green energy investments are a guaranteed flop, the kind of failure only a shady Broadway producer could envision. This current green energy production really got underway when the economic “stimulus” set aside $80 billion to subsidize politically connected energy projects, according to the Heritage Foundation. Since the halcyon days of the stimulus, 1,900 investigations have been opened to probe stimulus fraud and about 600 convictions have been secured by prosecutors.

What is more, about 10 percent of the Obama-backed green companies have gone bankrupt or out of business.

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Some People Choose to Be Homeless

By 8.18.15

The Obama Department of Justice argued last week that a Boise, Idaho, law against “public sleeping in a city without adequate shelter space constitutes criminalizing homelessness itself, in violation of the Eighth Amendment.” In a statement of interest filed in federal court, the Obama administration asserted that banning sleeping and camping in public places constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment.” Republican candidates, please take note.

Mike Journee, spokesman for Boise Mayor David Bieter, described his city as “a fairly progressive island in a deeply red state.” Bieter is trying to address homelessness, Journee told me, “from a holistic standpoint” — and with compassion. That said, the Obama statement is “misguided” in that it is based on a notion that “those experiencing homelessness have no recourse and we are willy-nilly criminalizing this by writing tickets for people who have no options. That is not the case.”

Homeless advocates have a mantra: No one chooses to be homeless.

I’m sure that’s true for some people, but there are homeless individuals who make a series of self-destructive choices that inevitably lead them to homelessness.

The Obama Watch

Iran and the Roots of Obama’s Rage

By 8.17.15

Was Dinesh D’Souza right? Mr. D’Souza is a political commentator who proposed that the best explanation of President Obama’s behavior was not to be found in Obama’s seeming embrace of the radical socialism of Saul Alinsky but in the anti-colonialism of his father. Mr. D’Souza’s theory has been heatedly dismissed by the White House with the admonition that in America we do not judge people by their father’s political beliefs and that Ronald Reagan’s father was an alcoholic.

Fair enough, but then Ronald Reagan never wrote a memoir titled, Dreams from My Father, in which he measured his own life by both the achievements and failures of an alcoholic father that had abandoned him.

The reason that Mr. D’Souza’s 2010 book comes back into focus is Mr. Obama’s Iran deal. If we had doubts about Mr. D’Souza’s hypothesis before, Mr. Obama in recent weeks has gone a long way toward lending confirmation to it.