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The Nation's Pulse

Substituting Baby Jesus

By 1.3.14

A liberal United Methodist congregation in Claremont, California provocatively altered its Nativity scene this year to replace Baby Jesus with a bleeding, hoodie wearing Trayvon Martin, stooped over a pool of his own blood.

“He was, in my view, an innocent child like the innocent children killed by King Herod,” the scene’s artistic creator explained to the Los Angeles Times. “I think the Nativity has to be relevant to our time. I think Jesus is a symbol of hope and I think he has to be seen in today's context.”

Responding to complaints, Claremont United Methodist Church explains on its website that the Nativity scene, which remains up until January 5, never intended a “substitution for the image of Christ Jesus born in a manger, contrary to some news reports.” Instead, the display’s purpose is “encourage people's thinking about violence in our world today and how that has not changed much from the time when the baby Jesus was born.”

The Nation's Pulse

A Wedding at Old St. Mary’s

By 1.2.14

Milwaukee may be the best city in America in which to celebrate Christmas. The Germans and Scandinavians know how to make the wintertime warm and inviting indoors and out. Milwaukee has snow, model trains, great food and drink, and Lake Michigan. But a wedding is what took us deep into Packer territory this season.

A beautiful bride married a handsome groom in a lovely church, Old St. Mary’s downtown. Its cornerstone was set in 1846, the year the parish was founded by German immigrants with the help of Bavarian mission societies. The City of Milwaukee was founded that very year. So the Church, the City, and the parish grew up together.

Honestly, the interior of Old St. Mary’s is stunning. It probably looks better than when it was first built. I quote from the wedding program:

Among the artistic treasures of Old Saint Mary is the painting depicting the Annunciation above the High Altar, a personal gift of King Ludwig I of Bavaria.”

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Phil Robertson: American Hero

By 12.31.13

Well, that only took decades.

Who knew that the Leftist Playbook would finally get seriously winged by a duck caller?

By now, as even we holiday partiers have learned, the A&E network has sheepishly backpedaled. In direct response to a fierce public outcry the network un-suspended Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the wildly popular Duck Dynasty series. Robertson had been temporarily banned after an interview in GQ in which he colorfully pronounced his religious views on gays and Jim Crow laws, instantly launching demands from the left-wing Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination (GLAAD) and others that he be canned on the spot.

Huffed GLAAD to Fox News:

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Obamacare Versus Rule of Law

By From the December 2013 issue

The botched roll-out of the Affordable Care Act offers a stunning example of President Obama’s unrelenting attempts to expand executive power—his power—beyond what the Constitution allows. On November 14, the president announced that he was dispensing with a key provision of the law, Section 2702, for a year. That section states that beginning on January 1, 2014, every policy sold in individual and small group markets must include 10 so-called essential benefits.Leave it to the “Washington knows best crowd” to dictate what Americans’ health insurance must cover. The assumption is that we are too stupid to choose insurance for ourselves. It’s like passing a law that the only cars we can buy are four-door sedans. No hatchbacks and no convertibles, because we won’t know when to put the top up.

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The God of No God

By 12.24.13

It’s Christmas. Our atheist friends are out there doing their thing. No to a crèche here, take down that cross over there, absolutely not to the Ten Commandments display somewhere else. And, of course, as the folks at GLAAD have just recently reminded us in the Duck Dynasty contretemps, there’s nothing like being out of the closet as Christophobes.

Christophobes being defined here as those with fear or contempt of Christians or those who believe in God, not to mention those who exhibit behavior based on that feeling of fear and contempt for Christians and believing in God.

It’s time.

Time to recognize that contrary to all the endless PR, atheists and Christophobes in fact have a God. It’s time to demand formal recognition of atheism and Christophobes for what they really are: followers of the religion that worships The God of No God.

As with the Judeo-Christian and Islamic gods, The God of No God is everywhere — both visible and invisible. He — and while The God of No God could be called She or even It, we will settle here for the irritating He — appears in a limitless number of ways.

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Why I Prefer to Say Merry Christmas

By 12.23.13

While the likes of Jon Stewart and others in the liberal intelligentsia might dismiss the idea there is a War on Christmas, the truth of the matter is that with every passing year people are more and more reluctant to wish one another a Merry Christmas. At times, people are expressly forbidden from saying Merry Christmas, as was the case this year at an elementary school deep in the heart of Texas. This is no accident and we are the poorer for it.

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We Feel Your Pain

By 12.17.13

For you young conservatives, the first five years of the Obama presidency must have seemed like a lifetime, with the prospect of three more a thought almost too awful to bear. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s not just the lies behind Obamacare that rankle, but his broken promises of good-paying jobs and a stronger and more peaceful America that has the respect of other nations around the world, which must daily drive you crazy.

And then there’s the shame and embarrassment you must feel when you realize that it is largely your generation who has embraced and emboldened the reign of Barack Obama; how it seems that while you spend most of your time worrying about our country’s future, your friends spend theirs idly pursuing the latest video game or iPhone rollout. How you must cringe at the sound of the president’s egotistical, teleprompted speeches and recoil at the news of his latest socialist fiats.

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Progressives Took Our Booze

By 12.5.13

My name is Upton, and I’m a prohibitionist.” Muckraking novelist Upton Sinclair had hoped to do to drink in The Wet Parade what he had done to food in The Jungle. “Maggie May had the overwhelming impulse to save other people from the consequences of their ignorance and folly,” Sinclair writes of the book’s crusading heroine. “She was sure that they were wrong, and that she was right, and so was entirely unchecked by fears as to their ‘personal liberty.’”

Alcohol’s a helluva drug, even (especially?) for those who don’t imbibe.

Rather than spoil the public’s unquenchable thirst for intoxicating drink, The Wet Parade un-whetted their appetite for Upton Sinclair. Henry Luce’s Time ridiculed the prohibitionist novel as a “sloppy tract.” The socialist scribe wasn’t just wrong; he was late. By The Wet Parade’s 1931 publication date, prohibition was a progressive cause better left in the past if progressives desired a political future.