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Movie Takes


By 3.13.12

Ralph Fiennes heroic updating of Shakespeare's late study of military honor.

Movie Takes

Albert Nobbs

By 2.29.12

Glenn Close mans up.

Movie Takes

Young Adult

By 2.13.12

"The real me" isn't all he's cracked up to be.

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A Separation

By 1.27.12

Brilliant, heartbreaking, superbly plotted –- and Iranian.

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The Artist

By 1.24.12

Simply delightful, using the conventions of the silent movie to restore narrative to its rightful, moving place.

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The Iron Lady

By 1.23.12

Entirely missing the point of what made her historic.

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War Horse

By 1.17.12

A children's movie for young and old and above all the intellectually immature.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

By 1.11.12

Lots of the Cold War era's world-weary moral equivalence, but without the financially risky anti-Americanism.

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A Dangerous Method

By 12.27.11

Isn't it better simply to live with our neuroses?

Movie Takes


By 12.19.11

Sex addiction is no fun indeed, even in New York, New York.