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Movie Takes

Son of the Bride

By 3.28.02

An utterly captivating romantic comedy from Argentina that makes a nice comparison between the kind of madness that affects the beginning and the end of our lives.

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Monsoon Wedding

By 3.14.02

A feel-good look at family and sexual relationships in the emerging middle classes of one of the most promising of the world’s developing countries -- just be careful what you feel good about.

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We Were Soldiers

By 2.28.02

Imagine: A Vietnam war film in which the Americans are fine, intelligent, brave and noble warriors straight out of the Hollywood World War II tradition.

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Hart’s War

By 2.21.02

Instead of getting the lesson in honor we have been promised we get yet another history lesson about how bad Nazis and Southern racists were.

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Last Orders

By 2.17.02

This actor's movie by Fred Schepisi gives us a lovely, deeply affecting portrait of ordinary people in the vanishing cockney subculture of East London.

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By 2.14.02

The writer Iris Murdoch worked all her life to say something that people would remember, yet now seems more likely to be remembered for getting Alzheimer’s disease and sinking into inarticulacy.

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By 2.13.02

Todd Solondz's new film is wittier, funnier, and even more accomplished technically than his previous effort, but once again the sense of moral and spiritual desolation behind its entertaining puppetry is something that you would have to be very arty, ver

Movie Takes

Beijing Bicycle

By 2.10.02

Remakes are almost always a bad idea, but this new remake of Bicycle Thief (1948), Vittorio De Sica’s great classic of Italian neo-realism, turns out to be a triumph.